The Genius of iPod Pricing

March 31, 2005

Who ever came up with the pricing on the iPod models is a genius. I was talking to a friend yesterday who was shopping for iPods. He was saying how he has no idea which model to get, because the next model up always offers more storage with a better price/storage ratio. And for just $50 more you can usually double your storage, or come close to it.

Take a look at the price per GB on the different models:

ModelPricePrice per GB
iPod Shuffle 512MB$100$200
iPod Shuffle 1GB$150$150
iPod Mini 4GB$200$50
iPod Mini 6GB$250$41.67
iPod 20GB$300$15
iPod 30GB$350$11.67
iPod Photo 60GB$450$7.50

Here's a graph:

ipod price chart

The reason this pricing is genius, is because you can start out thinking you want a $100 ipod shuffle, and then you can logically justify going with the 60GB iPod photo (if your thinking about price/gb)

I told my friend the mini is probably a good bet for him, he is probably going to use it for the gym, and for driving most. I have a 15GB iPod and I only have only put about 8GB worth of songs on there, even though I have a lot of music, I don't need, or want it all on my ipod, I keep music I listen to often on there.

How full is your iPod?

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I have a 15 gig too and mine is so full that I have to remove songs just to add one. Currently, I have a whopping 556kb free on mine.
I have a 40GB ipod, but it only holds about 7k of my 18k songs on it.
I have two one 20GB and 40GB. The 20Gb is mainly used for music and only about half full. But the 40Gb one I use more as a hard drive and have about 2GB free. Time for some spring cleaning I guess.
The ipod shuffle is the most poitless creation ever ...
Dude, I have an iPod Shuffle and I think it's the most awesome thing ever. I don't even notice that it doesn't have a screen, I have my playlist practically memorized. Flash means I can wack it around all the time with out fear of crashing the hard disk. It's about time Apple entered the Flash market anyway.
Another useful thing would be to trace prices x models along the years, so we could know the best time to upgrade ;-)
I have a 30gb model with about 12gb of free space on it.
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Well my 5 year old 20GB is full, as is my 8GB iPhone 3G, if I had the extra cash I'd for sure buy a new one just for more storage.
Id live to see a continuation of this chart through the generations of ipods along with the timeline of when the pricing changed.

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