New Online Poll, CF Edition Pole Results

March 29, 2005

poll data I have retired my last online poll: What Edition of CF do you use, and much to my surprise it has been pretty much a tie between Standard and Enterprise from the beginning. I expected Standard to have more market share than Enterprise.

I have posted a new poll online titled What kind of hosting do you use most? The choices are Shared, Dedicated, and Virtual Private Hosting (VPS).

If your not familiar with VPS hosting, it is where the hosting provider partitions a physical machine into several virtual operating systems. So you get a root account, and you can install what ever you want, but your sharing the physical resources (RAM and CPU) of the machine with other people. Some VPS hosts will dedicate amounts of RAM and CPU to your account.

The main VPS software providers are Virtuozzo, User Mode Linux (the other UML), and vmware.

Is anyone running a ColdFusion server on a VPS host? How does it work?

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Hey Pete, I have been running BlueDragon (Free edition) on a UML instance running on Debian with 64 meg of RAM for nearly a year now. Though there were a few issues with 6.1 and cffile operations (i.e. gobbling up all the memory), by upgrading to 6.2 beta that disappeared and it's been working really well. Admittedly it's not the fastest site and doesn't have a big load, but it's good enough for my blog. CFMX requires a hell of lot more memory to run decently, so you'd have to up your RAM. Other than that I can seriously recommend using UML, it's a lot of fun, there is a lot to learn and figure out when you start maintaining your own server. If you'd like to know more drop me a line and I'll gladly share my experiences. Cheers G
Hi Peter, Love your blog (the only one I read consistently). I'm pretty sure you've thought of this but the numbers for the poll are quite skewed. I would say your audience tends towards advanced ColdFusion users which are more likely to be Enterprise users. I doubt that the poll, in this case, reflects the distribution of coldfusion out in the market. Just as an unscientific aside, when I went to purchase our copy of CF Enterprise, it was hard to get through regular distribution channels. Most people only stocks the standard version. Suggests to me that the standard edition is more popular. Sunny
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