BlueDragon adds new Tags and Functions

March 28, 2005

New Atlanta's CFML engine BlueDragon was just given an upgrade to version 6.2 last week. BlueDragon has added tags that are not supported by Macromedia ColdFusion since version 3 of their product.

Here's a list of tags BlueDragon has added:

  • CFCACHECONTENT - Partial page caching in a file or a database.
  • CFFORWARD - Does a server side redirection (no client side location headers like cflocation)
  • CFIMAP - check email in an IMAP account
  • CFIMAGE - resize an image
  • CFZIP - create and read zip files
  • CFXMLRPC - invoke a method using XML RPC
  • CFTHROTTLE - used to throttle requests, if your db or something can't handle the load.
  • CFASSERT - a debugging tag that you can use to test an assertion (a boolean expression). If the assertion fails an exception is thrown.
  • CFCONTINUE - jumps to the next iteration in a loop
  • CFDEBUGGER - writes a line to a log file for each line CFML code that's has been executed
  • CFBASE - creates an absolute URL that serves as the base for resolving relative URLs within a CFML page
  • CFPAUSE - causes the page to sleep.

Here's a list of BlueDragon specific functions:

  • Render - takes a string of CFML code and executes it.
  • ListRemoveDuplicates - removes dups from a list
  • QueryDeleteRow - removes a row from a query
  • QuerySort - sorts a query
  • GetHttpContext - BlueDragon.NET only - gives you the System.Web.HttpContext object.
  • Assert - same as CFASSERT tag

Some people take issue that BlueDragon is creating tags that begin with CF. I don't have a big problem with it however. If your going to use a BlueDragon specific tag, in most cases your going to know that your doing so, you would also understand that your locking your self in, or going to have to recode it if you switch to Macromedia ColdFusion. It all depends on the application requirements. It would be nice if there were standards in CFML...

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technically speaking there is a standard and it is whatever MM feeds us since it is their proprietary language that BlueDragon is just latching a buisness model onto. I'm not saying that what MM does is necessarily right - but what they do is the CF Standard.
Thank you for great web site, i have discovered it recently, lots of good read
Thanks for the kind words ann. -pete
I somehow missed this list when you posted it, Pete. Just got pointed to it. Thanks. To Bill, whose comments argued that CFML is MM's "proprietary language", I'd suggest you check with them. They quite often point out that CFML is "no longer proprietary". Believe me, we wouldn't have built BlueDragon if doing so would have violated any copyright, trademark, or patents of theirs. I realize many are surprised to hear that, but it's the simple truth. (Hey, Linux was built from Unix, today's PCs owe their heritage to IBM architecture. I could go on.) History is replete with examples of companies doing what Microsoft has called "embrace and extend".
Don't believe everything you read. version "6,2,0," does not have render(). To quote the debugger, "Function render does not exist". The idea of "embrace and extend" is nice, but the idea of "QA" is nicer.
Well, actually since languages cannot be copyrighted by US law, there really is no such thing as a propietry language. BlueDragon doesn't need any degree of consent from Adobe to "latch onto" CF.

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