Some handy Eclipse Keyboard Shotrcuts

March 10, 2005

I found some handy keyboard shortcuts for working with Eclipse (these are actually part of the general text editor component, so they work with pretty much any editor including the cfeclipse editor)

  • Alt+Up - Swap the current line with the line above it
  • Alt+Down - Swap the current line with the one below it
  • Ctrl+D - delete the current line
  • Shift+Enter - adds a blank line below the current one
  • Ctrl+Shift+Enter - adds a blank line above the current one

You can find more keyboard shortcuts by going to Window - Preferences - General - Keys

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I've also found : Alt+left arrow : getting your cursor to the precedent place in history (without making a change). Alt+right arrow : future in history stack.
Ctrl+F6 can be used to switch between active files in Eclipse.

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