How long does it take to get a Google PageRank

February 25, 2005

I have noticed that new web pages don't get a page rank right away, it actually takes quite a while. I checked on a couple sites including my blog, and it looks like it takes about two months to get a page rank assigned to your page.

Pages get cached, and much indexed faster than this and perhaps they also have a pagerank. Google only updates the pagerank that their toolbar shows every few months.

I did my test using google toolbar, and firefox pagerankstatus.

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My pagerank status changes every time I change the page. On my blog for example, it has been as high as an 8 before, and after making a post will drop to a 2. A day later itll be back to 7 or so and then another post will drop it again.
You are correct. Google updates the page rank on certain dates unknown to the general public.
I've noticed that if you just update a page and don't change the filename pagerank will stay the same. However, I did a major site optimization and changed a lot of filenames. Google spidered several of the pages within 24 hours, but the pagerank is still at zero for these new pages. Here are some examples: Here are some of the pages that have filename changes, they were updated on July 9, 2005. Many were spidered on July 10, 2004, but the pagerank is zero as of today July 11,2005: I'll keep watching these and see when the pagerank appears
A week later, still no page rank. Here is another good page to visit: I'll check in another week or two and see if anything has changed.
Neal, The pageranks will take a while to show up in your toolbar. This doesn't mean that they don't have a pagerank in google yet, just that google isn't going to show you what they are yet. They update the pageranks in the toolbar every few months. They should be updating it within the next month or so. Also watch the links your posting, they are walking a fine line to comment spam. Also note that they are not linked on this page, so you aren't getting any pagerank boost from posting them here.
I have recently started website design (6 weeks ago) - I've never done website design before and wanted to know where I should place meta tags? at the moment I have placed them right at the top of each page. I have also create a new meta tag for each page. Can you advise?
I have a site that has free url redirection should i try to link to it or to the original page where the information really is
well, i have a web page that took years to get out from 0 to a high level. it´s not that easy .
Hello, I just create a new site for homeowners and realtors to post their home listings. visit: I wonder how long will it take to get just "1" on the google rank bar. Does it determine how many sites is link to your when google decide to give your site a rank? Any clue guys??
I've had this site for a while now and it still doesnt even have a page rank, and I have had lots of kewords added, any ideas?
Hey this is good information to know. I was wondering how long it would take my site at to gain page rank. I am thinking about forming this as an LLC and start doing some web hosting. Tough to gain traffic to promote web hosting without page rank though. Looks like it is a waiting game Thanks! Scott
yeah - ive been curious about this very thing. Ky site has been listed in google for almost two months now - but i still have a PR0. I am just now getting worried that there might inadvertently be something wrong with my page. I guess ill wait a few more weeks to see if there is a change. brad
I, too, have been waiting in vain for a page rank from google for my page at . I hope that I get a PR soon. Jake
I have a website and i hope to get a high pagerank. There is not much information about this instrument like on my website. Should i get a high rank because i have a website with the most info?
I,m much concerned to know when there will a PR assigned to my site's ( pages like which were added a month ago, although google has crawled. Moreover, I want to know what is the relationship of google PR which it assigns whenever it crawls a page and the actual PR which is showed on google toolbar?
I just wanna know that after how many days (or perhaps months!) would a site achieve a page rank in GOOGLE? Or to be more specific, when does Google update or visits a site?
Well my site is a humor blog powered by wordpress. After two weeks, it has finally got indexed in Google, but I'm just wondeirng how much more time will it tkae for me to get a pagerank. Or how many links do I need to even get a pagerank of 1.
Im mike, (a web dev 3yr) There are millions of 'things' you can do to speed up indexing, i would asume these 'things' would aid ranking for when google rank spider next gets round. my four key points: clean content+accessibility (, relevant tittle, relevant keywords, links (even google recomends a directory to list your site in.)
Actually - I have another problem - my site is not being indexed. It's been live for over a month WITH a Google Sitemap, and Google Ads and tons of links to it, but Google says there are no pages indexed in my sitemap? Any ideas please?
Actually, I think it takes a little more than 3 months for Google to show page rank. I checked it at many popular blogs and the result is same. Even at you blog the last post that has a pagerank is dated March 10 at The post after that on March 18th has still not been ranked at Best, Mohib
Sorry for the screwed up html code in my earlier comment, I wasn't trying to do anything. :|
message to Rodney Joyce concerning ( you might want to rethink your keyword structure. i would reccomend adding some text about the site at the bottom (including the same keywords in your meta data even if this is just to get the site indexed then remove the text at a later date). your one keyword with enugh body content (posibly too much) is DotNetNuke which no one searches for
only 2 months??? I've been waiting for more then 3 month!
Thanks Mike - I moved a lot more content onto the home page and have now added a DNN FAQ (but still not being indexed!) I have so many links to it (including a Wikipedia link in the DotNetNuke section) and yet Google refuses to index it!
Rodney Joyce - dotnetnukem problem solved (i think) you have a default page of default.aspx which is what you view however google is looking for a index.htm/index.html/index.php... i think there is an empty index.htm on your root which is what google is boared of. you can resolve this using a .htaccess to send all traffic of the root to the default.aspx
Thanks again Mike, but I don't have an index.* file in my root (but yeah - ecerything is rendered through default.aspx). The thing is, my other sites with identical architecture are indexed fine? I've started a post here to try and get some more ideas:
I have been waiting for few months and according to, Our site at should have page rank 5, but until now still showing 0 and it has been 2 months. Anybody know why?
My site is about free internet discounts and the name is very easy to remember. Any ideas how to be listed on google? I tried everything, I don't know what else to do. Please give me some ideas, thanks
I have been waiting for almost 3 months and the pagerank is still 0. (
Yo Juon, i just thought i should let you know that you have a page rank of 4. I wonder what my page rank will be when it finally comes through ( I guess its still early days, i only submitted it to google a few weeks ago. I must admit i don't like the idea of having to wait 3 months before i get my rank :(
We have been spending a lot of money on getting our website for gift wish lists to get linked from other reputable sites. We are always afraid that we will get linked on sites that are non-reputable to search engines. how common is black listing?
Just be patient, it took my site, over six months just to get a PR4. And it goes up to a PR7 and then shoots back down to a PR4. So never worry about being PR0 for even up to a year, you will eventually get ranked by Google.
I just launched my web site During the initial research to optimize the interface with google I was told that the page rank depends upon the page rank of other sites linked to you. I e-mailed around and agreed a couple of link swaps. Got index in 4 days, still waiting on the rank (1 month). I have also been told it takes 3 months.
I got my PR of 2 in a year, but through very little actual links. I just filled it with content, and changed the design lots, as I also updated too. Thanks Ben
To answer your Question, Its actually pretty difficult to get BLACK LISTED. It seems the only way to do that is to Link to Sites that a SCAMS, FARMS, and for Google PORN, or Against Policy. You should read against policy first to see what that means. ... As for PR, I know this takes time, sometimes it can take MONTHs even up to a year. Since Google takes into Account Every Page Linking Out and Every Page Linking In, an Incomplete Site is worse then many out links. There is many Blogs on Creating and Calculating the BEST Pagerank for your site. The Main Keys to Remember is that You only get ONE point for Every Page, Devided by the Amount of Links on that Page. It takes a Certain Number of Points to move up, and Reciently It was Recalculated and Many Sites Moved Down in Rankings. Next, if your Linking to Sites that are not Indexed by Google or Do not BackLink your site, You loose that Portion of Points.
I have a site . I am linked with a couple of outside sites including peoples myspace pages. I have added my site to a lot of search engines a couple of days ago and was wondering how long it would take to get on Google and become a high rank on Myspace Backgrounds. I used a program that compared the top 10 and gave me advice on what to do. So far I match the number 1 guy how long will it take for me to get added?
My site has been live for almost 2 and a half months now. I have a couple of decent backlinks with over a pagerank of 2 but I am still not ranked. What more do I have to do. Just keep going along?
I recently created a blog at, I found that my page was indexed the day I submitted my link using Google Webmastertools.
my site is it has been around for quite a while.. but there are no pageranks.. but sometimes there is.. why is that?
Hi all....My website is new and has been online for approx 5 months now and my google page rank is zero. I am always updating my website and i woulld like to know if this would have an effect on google ranking my pages. My website is fully optimized and you can see it at Also does anyone know how long it will take for google to respond to my keywords as my website never shows up in search results.
LOL virtually every post here is spam :D
Wow ... can I comment spam this site too ... !! Get a life guys, its not doing you any good.
Is there a way to speed up indexing? I tried to get a very clean design with my page
a blog is linking to my blog and also has a page rank of 7* .But when I search for , it dose not displays it. Whats the matter?
Ashwini, When you use the link: command in google, it takes quite a while for links to show up in there. It doesn't mean that google hasn't found the link, or that they haven't given you credit for it. This view of their index is delayed on purpose. If a few months go by and you still don't see the link, it could be that they linked to you using rel="nofollow" in the link, this would cause the search engines to ignore the link.
I launch my site 2 months ago but with no luck on google ranking or keyword indexing. I have links pointing in but no luck with google. I am (barley) getting traffic from msn and yahoo but am getting very frustrated. I signed up for adwords but im a little POed for having to do this. Am I missing something? I have read every blog and I think I might be sandboxed? thoughts please!
Ashwini, what does "rel="nofollow" in the link" mean?
I'm in SEO since 1999 and following Google quite some time. We published one of our latest sites some year ago and is still without visual PageRank. This is quite normal however. The best PR you get from websites in the same catagory and especially the important ones. Google almost immediately starts gathering the Pagerank points. However the Google PR bar is just an indicator and follows one step behind. Besides that, it does not show small PageRanks under 1 point (on a scale from 1 to 10).
i think it takes not more than 2 months to get PR depending up on ur inbound links
I started a forum about 4 months ago, yet still no page rank.
I used to get lots of comment spam (+50 per day) on my blog (wordpress), until I enabled the Akismet plugin. It's actually working quite so well, but a few times legit comment does get marked as spam. It still amazed me that spammers still hasn't catup to the fact that the "nofollow" tag doesn't do you any good...
My site took about 3 months to show up.
I have a new site and was wondering if somebody would like to swap links. This helps you get higher in the search rankings e.g. google site:
my site is still struggling to get noticed by google any ideas
It has been great to read all these posts and be able to check the links and see that people now have page ranks. I started my site 2 months ago. I have done everything I can to get a rank, even targeting high ranking relating sites and a massive back linking campaign. I have a great Alexa rank now and am waiting to see if all my hard work has paid off when google updates the page rankings. Check my site if you are reading this: and see if I finally got one! Cheers to all peeps who have posted. Very helpful.
This makes since. I have wanted to get PR for for months now, and nothing has happend. At least this makes some sense.
Hmmm...3 pagerank.. Maybe soon I hope :)
Well People, looks like the google toolbar update is on! I'm not sure how long this will go for or if the current page rank of "0" i received for 3 months of hard work will remain? Does this mean I have done something wrong or is this just the way PR works now? On a side note: does anyone know how I get a compete rank? NextGEN Gamers
Guys and Gals, dont get caught up in the whole page rank thing...Its no substitute for finding a niche and marketing the hell out of it. There are better things to concern yourself with i.e articles etc.
hi I have a Music Blog with blogspot, it has been there for over an year now with ZERO pagerank !!!! I have links going out and coming in and I frequently update the data where could i be going wrong?
well,i still dont know when mine will appear at
My site has not displayed the sitemap yet, it has been over two months.
Pagerank get updated almost every 4 months after. If you are closed to update then you don't have to wait for that long within 1-2 months your new pages get PR. It totally depends on when did you edit the pages.
Thanks for all the information, guys! I've been waiting for more than 2 months myself and still sporting the infamous PR0. :( I did, however, check the Google Webmaster Tools and it does have a little movement on the bar, perhaps a 1 or a 2 coming out of the gate, I guess.
I have noticed this as well. I started a new site a few weeks ago and I'm still wiating on my page rank for It's been 23 days. How much longer should it take?
hi all, well have a new site in beta mode, just wanted to know how to increase page rank. Thanks
How long does it take to get indexed and to get rank for website with about 10,000 pages. By now - It takes too long.
Go to this will answer everyone questions.
I manage a website that had been relatively inactive for the past 4-5 years (static, SEO unfriendly content). I re-designed the website about 5 months ago. The page rank was and still is 0. I wanted to know if whehter the inactivity of the domain will cause the Pagerank to remain at 0.
I manage a website that had been relatively inactive for the past 4-5 years (static, SEO unfriendly content). I re-designed the website about 5 months ago. The page rank was and still is 0. I wanted to know if whether the inactivity of the domain will cause the Pagerank to remain at 0.
Thank you everyone! I started NextGEN Gamers in late May 2007. I invested around 2 hours a night for 5 months, getting high ranking affiliates and doing all my SEO as per what Google and awesome peeps like you guys had suggested. The first page rank in May I missed by a few days. The second update in August gave me a page rank of Zero. I can now 100% confirm that although I had high quality links, there is definitely a (sandboxing) type period, where ALL new sites are lumped with a Zero. (you no longer get a Page rank right away anymore). Between August and now I furiously worked on making my site user and robot friendly and of course gaining even higher ranking affiliates in my community. On Sunday the 28th October at about 12pm Australian EST, I noticed that I had a Google toolbar PR of 4! My forum received a GPR of 3 and numerous other pages got the same. I had stopped obsessing about page rank a while ago but kept on doing my SEO work by the book. I?m extra happy about my efforts as so many websites have been punished (reduced PR) for things like this All I can say to anyone reading this is that you wont see your Google page rank display in your tool bar until the 2nd page rank update that your site lives through. But take all the above peoples advice and you won?t go wrong! Once again ? Thanks everybody ;)
my website is about 70 days that is cached by google and i'v done link exchange with some websites but still can't see any page rank.
tanie noclegi, agroturystyka, wczasy, wakacje
Funny you say that i been testing a few sites from a SEO link and thay are still at rank 5 ,
Guys if your tring to link you need a live link just posting your site address will not work free tip ;-))
hey quite funny. I checked a lot of sites you guys mentioned had no page rank but most of them I
i checked some sites you guys mentioned had no page rank and they have one now so it just takes time and regular updates. I got mine for after 8 months or so.
Did you know you had the number #1 position on how long does it take to get Google Page Rank? wtg. It is driving me crazy actually, I have had my site for almost 3 weeks. I have been creating backlinks like crazy with high profile directories. I am active in many forums, my site is ranked #1 in google for a hot search category with over 4 million results and highly positioned under many other search terms. I have done absolutely everything right and my Page Rank is still a big fat Zero. What am I doing wrong? I am offering testimonials to people that use my traffic system but why would any body care if they were mentioned on a site with a big fat 0 PR. Is it just a matter of time? Is there anything I can do to fix this? Help and Comments would be greatly appreciated. Julie Zbeetnoff aka theTrafficMaster (since you don't like links I will leave it up to anyone to cares to search for "theTrafficMaster")
I am experiencing the same problem. My PR is still 0 at
The answer I was looking for! Thanks!
I have recently migrated my business to a new website and was wondering how long, provided good SEO is going on, does it take to get page rank? Also, I hear the page rank algorythm has changed, please advise. Thanks,
How long does it take for Google to create a PageRank. I just made a new website and I was wondering about the pagerank.
I help created an online cufflinks shop, about a month ago but still no pagerank. Does caching of site affect pagerank? Does anyone knows the fastest record to get a pagerank for a new site?
I have been working to optimize, and it still does not have a page rank after months, wondering if there is a command to type into google to determine the current page rank? Thanks.
NextGEN Gamers now has a Google page rank of 5!
Thanks in advance for your generous time. I too don't understand why my blog which I have had now for 3 months has no page rank. I am pretty sure google is not picking up on it.
Why would you buy form a company when they cant even speak real english? I called to get the bird flu injection from them and they could not even understand english so i bought from another company and not from as they seem to higher Europeans who cant speak english or understand it.
This is a great site Pete. I have learned a lot about how to get backlinks for
I need help.. I am working on this website's SEO for 3 months and still got nothing for page ranking. But I did everything same as everyone else but just don't see the result. Can anyone tell me what is going on?
And after a year of building backlinks to my site, I am proud to say that I have a pagerank of 5! I constantly monitor my pagerank, as it can change on a daily basis based on changes I make to my site, and I have found constant pagerank montoring to be a good way to know whether a change made to my site will be good for my pagerank or not. Also, there are thousands of Google datacentres worldwide which all calculate pagerank independently from each other, and therefore your pagerank using the google toolbar or a single pagerank checking tool may not always accurately reflect your true pagerank. A good way to get your actual pagerank is to use a tool which checks multiple google datacentres and gives you the pagerank on each of them. I use the following pagerank checking tool to get multiple datacentre pagerank results at once:
My site is my first website, I have been working on it for about 2 months and have worked very hard to make it work and look good, I am new to things such as pagerank, and hope to score at least a 1, as this would give me encouragement
My site is my first website, I have been working on it for about 2 months and have worked very hard to make it work and look good, I am new to things such as pagerank, and hope to score at least a 1, as this would give me encouragement had a pagerank of 7 in the first week, must have been an error. Still waiting for my pagerank :(
my website its almost 2 months and has not get any PR yet..
my site dont have pagerank... hmm .. when can i have one? :D
I have had a domain for months and months and yet I have a zero PR. Can anyone give me a tip on what I am doing wrong.
Bryan, I won't go in to massive detail but here goes. Currently, you don't have a pagerank. you are status N/A, not zero. Text should be as high up the source code as possible. Yours is currently at the bottom (or there abouts). You haven't used headers ie. 'H 1' tags for important keyword titles. Tables are used to build the page, I would recommend using DIV wags and CSS as this is the most search engine friendly way to design a site. Remove any CSS styling and Javascript in to external css and javascript files. There is a lot of excess code in your source code and I would recommend stripping this down as much as possible. Although the keyword meta tag isn't as important these days, I would recommend reducing your keyword list to less than 10 keywords (ideally three) for those search engines that do use keywords still). Anyways, that's just the start and should keep you busy and help your pages get a page rank.
actually i agree that it takes up to 2 months for google to updates the pagerank , for example my site pagerank haven't been calculated yet.
I too have been waiting for a PageRank for my website but still no luck. Thanks for some of the suggestions. Sam the link to doesn't work?
We just started a blog on cheap wine in maryland at Can anyone give me an idea for how long it will take to get a ranking? do blogs take longer than other ecommerce sites?
Yeah in same boat here and the other one will get pr soon
The first time a domain name is indexed by google it is 'sandboxed' for a certain period, during which the domain appears to have PR0. The period of time that a new domain name is 'sandboxed' varies on several unconfirmed factors which probably include the type of domain name extension, the type of registrant of the domain name, the duration the domain name has been registered for and several other factors. In general you will have to wait at least 3 months to be assigned a page rank, this is calculted by assessing the amount if internal and inbound links to your domain name or a specific page on your website. The page rank of the originating linking website also influences how much it benefits your own website/page. ADVICE: Register your domain name correctly, using your company name, company number, etc. Register the name for a decent length of time if possible. For example a .com can be registered for 10 years. As soon as you register the domain name, set up a holding page containing unique content relevant to the 'soon to be' website. Submit to google or even better get a link placed elsewhere on the web from a decent website in the same category and let google find you itself. Once you have a page rank, you are likely to achieve upto PR3 either instantly or quite quickly (within one year for example). PR4 is usually attained after one year. Higher pageranks can take over 5 years of even longer if you get there at all ! Do NOT join link farms expecting to get a higher rank quicker, this does not work and can lead your website to being blocked from google altogether - i have seen this happen ! Mat
I just started a niche article directory for those who are targetting Malay speaking market ( 250millions) It has no google page rank yet but i receive a lot of internet marketeers who benefit this service .
I created on 4/25/2008 and my PageRank is still unranked. *sigh* Does anyone have any idea of the next time when PR updates will be made?
I have recently started a brand new website I did this as I have been working on a couple of very similar websites as I have two tangible retail shops under different names. It seemed to make sense to show the full range of products available in one website that both shops can advertise but I seeing as I am now starting with a brand new domain from scrath should I am wondering if this was such a good idea?
Hi, My page rank was 2 one month before it came back to page rank 1, Could you any one tell me why..
I recently switched from blogspot to my own domain., and I lost my page rank. Is there anyway to recapture it? I was told that PageRank was dependent on links. So I've sent emails out to people who I have reciprocal links too, but still nothing. Any suggestions? It took 6 months to get my original page rank!
our website is good for coupons and deals. how can we get good PR
hello sir pls tell me it my new blog and i want to get a high pr this blog pls some suggestion me
hi guys, no pagerank here either :)
I've had this site for a while now and it still doesn't even have a page rank, and I have had lots of kewords added, any ideas?
I have noticed that pagerank takes some time but alexa will start moving right away.
I had a pagerank of 4 on and now it's zero. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
i think 3 months check quality links matter for backlink
Reading some of the comments have really helped thanks guys i also have been working on my site for 4 months its not easy here is my site
We developed Retail Makeup store about 5 months ago, however, we still have yet to see our pagerank show higher than 0. Even after gaining countless backlinks...
im still waiting, my blog still unranked
any blogger here want to link to my blog
mail me at - and i will link back
I too have had my site for a while ( )and still can't see anything... there has to be a speedier way....
I think it would be worth while if everyone that posts a comment could trade links to help there pagerank
Other variant is possible also
Just going to get SEO/links/content on the go and hope the pagerank takes care of itself. Great comments and advice here.

Anyone interested in linking to spanish football site, please leave a comment on the blog! Thanks and good luck to everyone.
Our site got a pagerank exactly after 2 month - I guess the next change will happen after another 2 months. Here's the site -
<A=""</A> has been up for months and I dont have pagerank
I nkow a Melbourne Business Directory - and still hasnt had a page rank assigned. Looking forward to when it has a 11 out of 10 :)
I just recently change my domain Url to and lost my Pr3. How long does it takes to have my Pr back?
I'll be honest, I know that there's no SEO purpose for posting a URL that are in 90% of the comments, but I want to see in lights :)
our site got pagerank
2 months still page rank 0 /cry
Hmm, strange. Just posted my blog and hope it get PR'd soon
I have noticed it takes at least 3 months for some URL's to receive a PR.
I did my portfolio websie a while ago, but my PR is still 0.

I've been adding links to the website around 5 per day and I try to update it with new content every few days. Having a blog really helps. I also did link exchange with some professional websites.

Still waiting on results, but as far as I know you need to put some hard work into it to get satysfing results. So I advsie to read about SEO and get to work
Nice article. I got pr 2 recently for my new blog
I have my site that has been running for some months now but still there is no PR appearing could someone tell me how to get it work.
My PR is low still but I do rank high for my selected set of keywords: Pagerank does take some time.
Hey guys...

I hope you can help me. my site has been running since 2009 and i still have no page rank. any tips? What could i do to get it to one at least?

I have done everything possible in regards to the SEO tools but still nothing. I have hundreds of links. Maybe you could check out my site and let me know.
I have tried everything to get a pagerank. All my posts are optimized for SEO, but I still haven't have a PR assigned to my site. How long does this take anyway? Is there something else that might make it not show up? Please look at my blog and help! Don't just post a reply here though email me too:
here's the URL:
???? ???? ????? ? ?????????? ???????
anyone who is having problem with making good meta-tags. Can use the below site, it does the meta-tag optimization automatically. You just need copy and paste. It helped me a lot.
I'm 2 weeks on my site and have registered in several web directories but still no pagerank.
my site that has been running for some months now but still there is no PR appearing could someone tell me how to get it work. Thanks
Can anyone who got pagerank comment how long it took for you to get a PR1?
Google updates the page rank on certain dates unknown to the general public
I must agree with a lot that has been said in this thread. We built our new website ( about two months ago. It is clear that Google will index your website fairly quickly and take quite a bit of time to actually give you a PageRank (our site is still a 0). I completely agree that Google only updates PageRanks on certain dates and that new sites may have to site out two or three of these cycles before gettings ranked.

Thanks for all of the great comments! I think I have a much better understanding now of how Google ranks pages. no page rank yet
2 months still page rank 0. what should i do?
2 months still page rank 0. what should i do?
I been up for 2 months but still no pagerank I know it takes time, just keep building quality links and get traffic
Our site has been live for over 6 months with a healthy number of inbound links and were still at PR 0.

Has anyone ever experienced this for so long?
Great post! I?m just starting out in community management/marketing media and trying to learn how to do it well - resources like this article are incredibly helpful. As our company is based in the US, it?s all a bit new to us. The example above is something that I worry about as well, how to show your own genuine enthusiasm and share the fact that your product is useful in that case
its been several weeks so far and still no google pagerank.
I've changed some file names and still no pagerank after 2 months. Google spidered several of the pages within 36 hours, but the pagerank is still at zero for these new pages. Here are some of the pages that have filename changes, updated approx 10/12/10.

I'll keep watching these and see when the pagerank appears
i have a dotcom ( a month now and i still don't exist in the eyes of google..the result for my site was "undef" other words my site don't even qualified for pagerank zero..
I know that it takes around 3 months. Sadly, but my blog is still PR0
Well, has been up since June 2010, and now it is Jan. 2011 and still no pagerank. It certainly is a waiting game.
I have new website when my site show PR. I create 500 backlinks in my site.
I have a new website too. My google PR is 0 at the moment and I want to increase it and now I'm trying everything I have read in Internet. My site url is
We have a site with decent traffic and good number of backlinks. Has been up since June 2010. Still no PageRank.

Does it really take this long? Any expert answer will be appreciated.
I to have had a site for almost a year now and no pagerank. Can someone help me?
I just got a 3/10 after having a 0/10 overnight. It has taken 1.5 years of link building to get it, but it happened all at once. It's
Any ideas why this took so long?
my site is new and has been running for about 2 weeks, it is indexed in quite a few search engines now and has good content, how long estimated would it take to get a pagerank
Ive also got a site been around 2 weeks since launch and still waiting on PR, hope it comes soon. Aiming for keywords such a gift ideas and ideal gift, but still no PR.
I've been running for 4 months without a page rank. I did read somewhere, that it takes 6 months now, but I'm not so sure about that. I've also heard that buying links will help.
pagerank is most important for a webpage
Yes I agree with you guys, my site has no PR yet but google has given us a site map listing.
Can anybody tell me do i have page-rank and which is my page-rank. Site is 2 months old. Thanks
Can anybody tell me do i have page-rank and which is my page-rank. Site is 2 months old. Thanks
Six months and still no pagerank. Is there anything that I may not be doing, or is there anyone with any suggestions?
Hi Guys,

Check my website i have PR 3 with little work done.
My site, is relatively new (around 3 month) but still PR 0. I heard it takes around 2 - 3 months, so hopefully my PR appears soon.
I've had a site for 5 months now and still 0 PR... Quality backlinks is key to a higher pagerank.I started this site a few days ago and I'm going to try and get as many quality backlinks as possible.
mine is 2 years old and still pr is 0 .. what might be the problem??
My site has been up and running for over 3 months now and receive about 2-300 views per day from Search Engine Traffic with 95% being page 1 for keywords, and about another 900 per day from referrals, still one problem though, still no pagerank, any ideas, any way to automatically get backlinks in bulk without paying and without having to manually submit?
Pagerank is important, But quality content is the factor which can effect it.
It is strange that no one knows exactly when Google updates
Hi dude,
My blogs page rank is 2 but my blog is not on google page 1 or in top 10 list how can I upgrade my blog to be listed in google top 10 sites please guide me my blog is
I have a blog about filipino recipe, it is been there or 6 mnts and still PR0, any body could check it out and give some advice. Thanks a lot
I was just searching for this info for a while. After 6 hours of continuous Googleing, at last I got it in your website. I wonder what's the Google's problem that doesn't rank this type of informative websites closer to the top. Usually the top web sites are full of garbage.
My blog hasn't gotten a PageRank although it is on google and has been indexed by google.
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My blog is not change pagerank too... I dont know, how long Google take Update ... Is about 3 mo ?

my site :

I have noticed is not listed at all.
No page rank listing at all for me and my site
Hmm.. I created my site( 2 weeks ago and even though I'm indexed my PR is zero.. I'll give it a month and let you know :).
How can i check exact page rank of inner pages, and what can i do to increase inner page Pr
Hi well I have been working on a website for our small animals boarding and dog walking business yet the website still has a PageRank of 0.
I have been working on my blog ( for about a month. It started with an alexa ranking of 20 million and now its down to 700 thousand but the google page ranks is still 0 so what's going on?
My website pagerank is still at zero why?
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Anyone can help me validate the pagerank of my site ?
Hey guys just wondering if anyone can give me some tips on validation of my website?
Hey help me out . Imade a blog and its 2 months old still not got pagerank
should i put too ?
Yeah we've had up and running since October 31st and despite having about 5000 backlinks our rank is zero. I really think that google has a wait period.
Wow you've performed it once more. Some great details here. You might have made me break my comment embargo, cheers :)
Well, you've got a pagerank of four.. I guess I need to start tracking pagerank and incoming links as indexed by google. Anyone interested in starting some sort of tracking project?

current pr..0 but it just started :)
Hi pete, i was wondering whether yo can suggest other cheap ways of getting a online clothing business more publicity. i have a website that isn't ranking on google yet. i was thinking would u-tube work. can you suggest some other way of elevating the ranking in google.
don't mean to pump a slightly old comment/post here, but the new pr update is coming -

have you guys worked your websites yet? - cruzsetter I hope you have..
pr 4 here pete.. nice :D
Google PageRank carefully explained and what you can do with it. Here are the facts www.autointeriordocs.con
Why do my static sites have a pagerank of 2 and 3 for only being out for 2 months? I have had blogs that took me years to get ranked 2,3,and 4. Is it because it is on my own server and not on a shared server and a blog? I am very curious to understand this. Thanks, in advance for your help!
Ohiko comment ez dut, baina izan zela bikaina mezua. cheers!
I hate to comment but i am going to for this post. Thanks for your challenging work, please maintain it up.:)
wonder & great . I really thankful to you.
Nahiz eta , ez ohiko i nahi duzu batzuetan i know i behar . 1 bat wonderful post horiek, aldiz, zure cheers da hau.
Just go to and it will fix your alexa problem.
I also need a pagerank for my website Any tips?
hi i have site url
i want improve my backlinks how can i get pagerank 1
iam facing some problem in google pageRanking its don't rank my blog which was live since from 20.1.12 ! guys suggest me how to get pagerank

I am not in a position to view this web site properly on firefox I think there's a problem. is my website.
very encouraging to hear that it takes months before google ranks your site... just need to be patient
I have found an interesting tool to check PR, backlinks etc,
Ive too been wondering about page rank Im trying to live off of ad sense and im try to learn how to get alot of traffic check out my site
I am suffering the same issue, I cant even seem to get my back links found. Confused!
Great post, I’m always looking to improve my page rank. However you’ll only know if these tips are working when Google decides to roll out its pagerank update which they only seem to do every few months .... having no PR for my blog at : ..... thanks ...
We are sitting at over a year for to get a pagerank and still nothing.

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