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How long does it take to get a Google PageRank


I have noticed that new web pages don't get a page rank right away, it actually takes quite a while. I checked on a couple sites including my blog, and it looks like it takes about two months to get a page rank assigned to your page.

Pages get cached, and much indexed faster than this and perhaps they also have a pagerank. Google only updates the pagerank that their toolbar shows every few months.

I did my test using google toolbar, and firefox pagerankstatus.

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How long does it take to get a Google PageRank was first published on February 25, 2005.

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My pagerank status changes every time I change the page. On my blog for example, it has been as high as an 8 before, and after making a post will drop to a 2. A day later itll be back to 7 or so and then another post will drop it again.
by Ryan Guill on 02/25/2005 at 5:35:34 PM UTC
I've noticed that if you just update a page and don't change the filename pagerank will stay the same. However, I did a major site optimization and changed a lot of filenames. Google spidered several of the pages within 24 hours, but the pagerank is still at zero for these new pages. Here are some examples:

Here are some of the pages that have filename changes, they were updated on July 9, 2005. Many were spidered on July 10, 2004, but the pagerank is zero as of today July 11,2005:

I'll keep watching these and see when the pagerank appears
by Neal Westwood on 07/11/2005 at 12:16:27 PM UTC
A week later, still no page rank. Here is another good page to visit:

I'll check in another week or two and see if anything has changed.
by Neal Westwood on 07/16/2005 at 1:03:30 AM UTC
Neal, The pageranks will take a while to show up in your toolbar. This doesn't mean that they don't have a pagerank in google yet, just that google isn't going to show you what they are yet. They update the pageranks in the toolbar every few months. They should be updating it within the next month or so.

Also watch the links your posting, they are walking a fine line to comment spam. Also note that they are not linked on this page, so you aren't getting any pagerank boost from posting them here.
by Pete Freitag on 07/18/2005 at 12:17:32 PM UTC
I just create a new site for homeowners and realtors to post their home listings. visit:

I wonder how long will it take to get just "1" on the google rank bar. Does it determine how many sites is link to your when google decide to give your site a rank? Any clue guys??
by Hal Smith on 11/18/2005 at 4:24:35 PM UTC
I've had this site for a while now and it still doesnt even have a page rank, and I have had lots of kewords added, any ideas?
by pete on 11/20/2005 at 8:34:01 AM UTC
Hey this is good information to know. I was wondering how long it would take my site at to gain page rank. I am thinking about forming this as an LLC and start doing some web hosting. Tough to gain traffic to promote web hosting without page rank though. Looks like it is a waiting game

Thanks! Scott
by corey on 12/05/2005 at 12:16:28 PM UTC
yeah - ive been curious about this very thing. Ky site has been listed in google for almost two months now - but i still have a PR0. I am just now getting worried that there might inadvertently be something wrong with my page.

I guess ill wait a few more weeks to see if there is a change.

by Brad on 01/10/2006 at 11:17:50 AM UTC
I,m much concerned to know when there will a PR assigned to my site's ( pages like which were added a month ago, although google has crawled. Moreover, I want to know what is the relationship of google PR which it assigns whenever it crawls a page and the actual PR which is showed on google toolbar?
by sam on 04/16/2006 at 10:43:33 PM UTC
I just wanna know that after how many days (or perhaps months!) would a site achieve a page rank in GOOGLE? Or to be more specific, when does Google update or visits a site?
by Natalie on 06/08/2006 at 6:20:20 AM UTC
Well my site is a humor blog powered by wordpress. After two weeks, it has finally got indexed in Google, but I'm just wondeirng how much more time will it tkae for me to get a pagerank. Or how many links do I need to even get a pagerank of 1.
by takeiteezzy.terry on 06/19/2006 at 5:54:56 AM UTC
Actually, I think it takes a little more than 3 months for Google to show page rank. I checked it at many popular blogs and the result is same.

Even at you blog the last post that has a pagerank is dated March 10 at

The post after that on March 18th has still not been ranked at

by Mohib on 06/25/2006 at 7:35:01 AM UTC
Sorry for the screwed up html code in my earlier comment, I wasn't trying to do anything.

by Mohib on 06/25/2006 at 7:36:57 AM UTC
Thanks Mike - I moved a lot more content onto the home page and have now added a DNN FAQ (but still not being indexed!) I have so many links to it (including a Wikipedia link in the DotNetNuke section) and yet Google refuses to index it!
by Rodney Joyce on 07/04/2006 at 9:11:05 AM UTC
Thanks again Mike, but I don't have an index.* file in my root (but yeah - ecerything is rendered through default.aspx). The thing is, my other sites with identical architecture are indexed fine? I've started a post here to try and get some more ideas:
by Rodney Joyce on 07/05/2006 at 1:41:13 AM UTC
I have been waiting for few months and according to, Our site at should have page rank 5, but until now still showing 0 and it has been 2 months.
Anybody know why?
by Juon on 09/21/2006 at 2:34:05 AM UTC
I got my PR of 2 in a year, but through very little actual links. I just filled it with content, and changed the design lots, as I also updated too.


by Ben Gribbin on 12/08/2006 at 8:55:37 AM UTC
I have a site . I am linked with a couple of outside sites including peoples myspace pages. I have added my site to a lot of search engines a couple of days ago and was wondering how long it would take to get on Google and become a high rank on Myspace Backgrounds. I used a program that compared the top 10 and gave me advice on what to do. So far I match the number 1 guy how long will it take for me to get added?
by Joe on 12/25/2006 at 9:44:59 PM UTC
Hi all....My website is new and has been online for approx 5 months now and my google page rank is zero. I am always updating my website and i woulld like to know if this would have an effect on google ranking my pages. My website is fully optimized and you can see it at
Also does anyone know how long it will take for google to respond to my keywords as my website never shows up in search results.
by Neil on 01/02/2007 at 10:41:45 PM UTC
Wow ... can I comment spam this site too ... !! Get a life guys, its not doing you any good.
by Trevor on 01/18/2007 at 7:54:26 AM UTC
Is there a way to speed up indexing? I tried to get a very clean design with my page
by Kiran on 03/24/2007 at 11:27:42 AM UTC
a blog is linking to my blog and also has a page rank of 7* .But when I search for , it dose not displays it. Whats the matter?
by Ashwini on 04/03/2007 at 8:07:32 AM UTC

When you use the link: command in google, it takes quite a while for links to show up in there. It doesn't mean that google hasn't found the link, or that they haven't given you credit for it. This view of their index is delayed on purpose.

If a few months go by and you still don't see the link, it could be that they linked to you using rel="nofollow" in the link, this would cause the search engines to ignore the link.
by Pete Freitag on 04/03/2007 at 8:25:18 AM UTC
I launch my site 2 months ago but with no luck on google ranking or keyword indexing. I have links pointing in but no luck with google. I am (barley) getting traffic from msn and yahoo but am getting very frustrated. I signed up for adwords but im a little POed for having to do this. Am I missing something? I have read every blog and I think I might be sandboxed? thoughts please!
by auburn8888 on 04/14/2007 at 10:11:45 PM UTC
Ashwini, what does "rel="nofollow" in the link" mean?
by auburn8888 on 04/14/2007 at 10:16:08 PM UTC
I'm in SEO since 1999 and following Google quite some time. We published one of our latest sites some year ago and is still without visual PageRank. This is quite normal however. The best PR you get from websites in the same catagory and especially the important ones. Google almost immediately starts gathering the Pagerank points. However the Google PR bar is just an indicator and follows one step behind. Besides that, it does not show small PageRanks under 1 point (on a scale from 1 to 10).
by Frans on 04/17/2007 at 2:05:12 AM UTC
i think it takes not more than 2 months to get PR depending up on ur inbound links
by sheela on 04/20/2007 at 4:24:17 AM UTC
My site took about 3 months to show up.
by sportsbook on 05/03/2007 at 11:56:44 AM UTC
I have a new site and was wondering if somebody would like to swap links. This helps you get higher in the search rankings e.g. google

[email protected]
by Keith on 05/15/2007 at 9:51:08 AM UTC
This makes since. I have wanted to get PR for for months now, and nothing has happend. At least this makes some sense.
by Tracy on 07/20/2007 at 7:36:37 PM UTC
well,i still dont know when mine will appear at
by constructicle boy on 08/10/2007 at 1:03:49 PM UTC
I have noticed this as well. I started a new site a few weeks ago and I'm still wiating on my page rank for It's been 23 days. How much longer should it take?
by Nicholas Gray on 09/07/2007 at 2:49:10 PM UTC
How long does it take to get indexed and to get rank for website with about 10,000 pages. By now - It takes too long.
by WebMaster on 09/19/2007 at 1:00:38 PM UTC
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by tanie noclegi on 12/26/2007 at 4:28:52 AM UTC

quite funny. I checked a lot of sites you guys mentioned had no page rank but most of them I
by Boatster on 01/03/2008 at 3:21:14 AM UTC
i checked some sites you guys mentioned had no page rank and they have one now so it just takes time and regular updates. I got mine for after 8 months or so.
by Boatster on 01/03/2008 at 3:23:01 AM UTC
I am experiencing the same problem. My PR is still 0 at
by Pele on 01/11/2008 at 6:49:00 PM UTC
I have recently migrated my business to a new website and was wondering how long, provided good SEO is going on, does it take to get page rank? Also, I hear the page rank algorythm has changed, please advise. Thanks,
by leatherGiftItems on 01/28/2008 at 2:42:49 PM UTC
I help created an online cufflinks shop, about a month ago but still no pagerank. Does caching of site affect pagerank? Does anyone knows the fastest record to get a pagerank for a new site?
by ritzcufflinks on 02/21/2008 at 11:27:48 AM UTC
I have been working to optimize, and it still does not have a page rank after months, wondering if there is a command to type into google to determine the current page rank? Thanks.
by newgirl on 02/21/2008 at 11:43:48 AM UTC
NextGEN Gamers now has a Google page rank of 5!
by Lexx on 02/27/2008 at 5:03:28 PM UTC
Thanks in advance for your generous time. I too don't understand why my blog which I have had now for 3 months has no page rank. I am pretty sure google is not picking up on it.
by Jubie on 03/02/2008 at 10:27:43 PM UTC
This is a great site Pete. I have learned a lot about how to get backlinks for
by Drew on 03/24/2008 at 9:19:15 AM UTC
I have had a domain for months and months and yet I have a zero PR. Can anyone give me a tip on what I am doing wrong.
by Bryan on 05/23/2008 at 5:53:06 AM UTC
We just started a blog on cheap wine in maryland at Can anyone give me an idea for how long it will take to get a ranking? do blogs take longer than other ecommerce sites?
by moos on 07/01/2008 at 12:30:32 PM UTC
I created on 4/25/2008 and my PageRank is still unranked. *sigh* Does anyone have any idea of the next time when PR updates will be made?
by Rodney on 07/21/2008 at 5:50:25 PM UTC
I recently switched from blogspot to my own domain., and I lost my page rank. Is there anyway to recapture it? I was told that PageRank was dependent on links. So I've sent emails out to people who I have reciprocal links too, but still nothing. Any suggestions? It took 6 months to get my original page rank!
by Nicola on 10/04/2008 at 8:30:14 AM UTC
I had a pagerank of 4 on and now it's zero. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
by Neal on 05/22/2009 at 10:32:00 AM UTC
i think 3 months

quality links matter for backlink
by pagerank on 05/29/2009 at 7:17:44 AM UTC
im still waiting, my blog still unranked
any blogger here want to link to my blog
mail me at - [email protected] and i will link back
by sam on 10/12/2009 at 7:42:49 AM UTC
Other variant is possible also
by Bendectutle on 11/01/2009 at 6:33:35 PM UTC
Just going to get SEO/links/content on the go and hope the pagerank takes care of itself. Great comments and advice here.

Anyone interested in linking to spanish football site, please leave a comment on the blog! Thanks and good luck to everyone.
by Steve on 11/09/2009 at 10:02:16 AM UTC
I just recently change my domain Url to and lost my Pr3. How long does it takes to have my Pr back?
by shaine on 01/14/2010 at 3:59:25 AM UTC
I'll be honest, I know that there's no SEO purpose for posting a URL that are in 90% of the comments, but I want to see in lights :)
by Honest abe on 01/21/2010 at 10:25:18 PM UTC
our site got pagerank
by msbabu2 on 01/24/2010 at 2:10:45 AM UTC
2 months still page rank 0 /cry
by my first vibrator on 01/26/2010 at 3:01:44 PM UTC
Nice article. I got pr 2 recently for my new blog
by Sagar on 02/20/2010 at 7:27:32 PM UTC
I have my site that has been running for some months now but still there is no PR appearing could someone tell me how to get it work.
by hen on 03/13/2010 at 6:15:53 AM UTC
My PR is low still but I do rank high for my selected set of keywords: Pagerank does take some time.
by asdf on 03/15/2010 at 10:13:20 AM UTC
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by Frank on 04/23/2010 at 4:29:27 AM UTC
Google updates the page rank on certain dates unknown to the general public
by nifty optionstip on 07/02/2010 at 2:09:25 AM UTC
Our site has been live for over 6 months with a healthy number of inbound links and were still at PR 0.

Has anyone ever experienced this for so long?
by Ismaeil on 09/19/2010 at 6:46:29 AM UTC
Great post! I?m just starting out in community management/marketing media and trying to learn how to do it well - resources like this article are incredibly helpful. As our company is based in the US, it?s all a bit new to us. The example above is something that I worry about as well, how to show your own genuine enthusiasm and share the fact that your product is useful in that case
by Vimax on 10/06/2010 at 11:38:53 PM UTC
Well, has been up since June 2010, and now it is Jan. 2011 and still no pagerank. It certainly is a waiting game.
by Michael on 01/06/2011 at 10:47:55 AM UTC
I have new website when my site show PR. I create 500 backlinks in my site.
by Link Juice on 01/09/2011 at 12:23:57 PM UTC
I just got a 3/10 after having a 0/10 overnight. It has taken 1.5 years of link building to get it, but it happened all at once. It's
Any ideas why this took so long?
by BH on 01/26/2011 at 11:03:22 AM UTC
Six months and still no pagerank. Is there anything that I may not be doing, or is there anyone with any suggestions?
by Shimei on 04/29/2011 at 4:50:21 PM UTC
I was just searching for this info for a while. After 6 hours of continuous Googleing, at last I got it in your website. I wonder what's the Google's problem that doesn't rank this type of informative websites closer to the top. Usually the top web sites are full of garbage.
by James Tiler on 08/30/2011 at 6:39:47 AM UTC