Powerbook Sleeve Cases

February 24, 2005

I am looking for a simple sleeve case for my 12" powerbook. One I found that I like has been out of stock for a while, the Booq Viper XS.

I usually carry my powerbook in a messenger bag, but I'd like some extra padding for it, since its kind of loose in there, and prone to scratches and things.

Does anyone know of any other good sleeve cases that fit 12" powerbooks? What kind of bag or case do you use?

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I had gone through various laptop bags in my computer tote-ing life. But I have never been so happy with any bag as I am with my Timbuk2 laptop bag. The did everything right with this bag and I cant believe the bad memories I had of my previous failed purchases. A quick scan of thier site brought this up: http://www.timbuk2.com/tb2/catalog/categories.t2?categoryId=35 The small size says specifically that it fits the 12" powerbooks.
Pete Crumpler make some awesome bags, geared towards macs: http://www.crumpler.com.au/home.php
Check out the PowerSleevz: http://www.radtech.us/Products/Powersleevz.aspx
I'll just add http://www.sfbags.com/index.htm
I bought a nice, padded bag from Spire (http://www.spireusa.com/) for my 12 inch iBook. It's slim, and fits nicely into a messenger bag or backpack. I highly recommend it. In general, Spire has great bags.
I use a Second Skin, from Tucano. http://www.ipodessentials.co.uk/products/PowerBookCases/2ndSkinPowerBook12Black.html Found it at my local Apple Dealer
Hey Pete! All of those mentioned are surely pretty good. But f u wanna have something really cool, U should check out www.freitag.ch they make all kind of cool stuff out of used Truck tarpulains, and now they offer a Powerbook sleeve. I love their stuff. Have a look... cheers, Colin
Another PowerBook sleeve: http://www.booqbags.com/Search.bok?category=all&keyword=vyper PS This is the perfect site for me to find the perfect site for me to buy the perfect powerbook sleeve. So many choices I can't decide ! FYI IMHO: * crumpler gets the best website award. * timbuk2 would match my (outer) bag * freitag is winning due to eco-friendly, euro-style and uniqueness (but $$$).
oops now I see Vyper in the header, sorry to repeat.
I too had a similar problem, and here is Australia our choices are limited, so I made my own (2 of them). I went to ClarkRuber and brought some wet-suit type material and stick-on velcro (as I shyed from a hard zipper been rubbed along the PB's edges). About an hour of measurements and a bit of glue I had the snuggest protector available and for a very cheap price (less than AUD $15)
I do NOT recommend the Booq Viper XS for a 12" powerbook. It claims to fit the iBook and PowerBook "like a glove". I wont speak for the iBook (I dont have one), but it certainly does NOT fit the PowerBook like a glove, it has about half an inch length wise and almost an inch of space on the width It slides around and it shouldn't. Im going to return mine next weekend. If you have a powerbook, dont make the mistake I made unless you dont mind a little bit of sliding. I dont know how much bigger the iBook is from the PowerBook, maybe it fits that well, but it is certainly no "glove" for my PowerBook. Dan
hey dude, check out ebay - it has one of those booq cases but i have a 15 inch so it doesnt fit mine....its goin really cheap
I too was unhappy with the booq viper: http://trainque.com/index.php/2005/07/06/powerbook-bags-by-booq/
I stumbled on this forum while looking for a sleeve for my 12 inch powerbook that I carry around in either my daypack or softsided bag. I found a really inexpensive solution--for $2.76 at Target I bought a byo two bottle bag" neoprene wine bottle carrier. The byo bags are normally about $18, but for some reason Target's closing them out. I removed the center stitching (about 5 minutes of work) and it fits the Powerbook really, really well and it has a nifty handle. It comes in colors, too.
Yeah, I've found some cool cases at applesac.com. They're simple and pretty cheap, and i think they look pretty good too...But it is different from the viper case
try redmaloo http://www.redmaloo.com the most stylish laptop accessories i have ever seen. they have these gorgeous felt laptop sleeves
www.tombihn.com very simple but still strong
Hey am in the same dilemma...however u guys who r complaining abt the vyper xs not fitting the 12" powerbook should check out the vyper xxs....the xxs model is for the12" powerbook whereas xs is for 12" ibook....hope now u guys can settle for one soon...cheers
hi, i use a gyms pac sleeve, tech totes....i bought it at ebags.com...it rocks!
for completely off-the-wall unique powerbook, macbook or ibook sleeves, have a look at foofshop.com - made in Australia..
I have a 12 inch powerbook G4, and I use a zippered sleeve from www.shorelinecases.com.
i got a Dr. Mo Memory foam laptop case on ebay that fits the powerbook very nicely! you can also find it at www.jetpens.com
Thank you! http://vsftntem.com/vgbr/wcvp.html | http://dfykcxkg.com/kfqy/suyn.html
I love my SF Bags (sfbags.com) sleeve for my 12" PB. It fits like a freaking glove! I've had it for over a year, traveled all around the world with it, and it's still bombproof. Awesome customer service, fast delivery, it looks great, and it's just a damn good product. Nuff said.
Check out www.redmaloo.com they do have apple sleeves for your Mac and iPod. In leather and felt! I am very happy with it. It rocks :-)
the remaloo sleeves are wonderful cases if you're willing to shell out the $145
If you are after a Glove for your Macbook then you can't beat the STM Glove.

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