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Eye Tracking


I just found an interesting blog called the Eyetools Research Blog. Eyetools is a company that has developed eyetracking technology that creates heatmaps showing which areas of a web page subjects focus on. Eyetools will do a ministudy on your homepage for $1000 using 10 subjects, thats not too bad I suppose. I am always amazed by with the things information architects are coming up with.

Here's what a heat map, and an individual eye flow looks like:

Heatmap Eye Flow

They will be posting some studies on blog reading on their research blog soon.

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Eye Tracking was first published on February 23, 2005.


Here is another place that did something similar quite a while ago. I don't know if these guys offer a service, but they do detail all of their findings based on eye tracking technology and the web. Its pretty interesting:
by Bill Rawlinson on 02/23/2005 at 7:37:21 PM UTC
We actually did that study -- Eyetools was the technology provider for the Eyetrack III study you mentioned ( ).

Glad to see it's out there making the rounds!
by Greg Edwards on 02/24/2005 at 3:30:42 AM UTC
The Tobii P10 is also very cool
by Dennis van der Heijden on 04/27/2006 at 3:37:51 PM UTC