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February 18, 2005

I am retiring (note you can still vote for retired polls in the poll archive section) my poll What Version of CF do you use in production after 272 votes in two weeks.

Here are the results:

What Version of CF Do you use in Production?
Version			Votes	Percent
ColdFusion MX (6.x)  	194  	71.32%
ColdFusion 7.x 		33 	12.13%
ColdFusion 5 		16 	5.88%
BlueDragon 6.x Free 	11 	4.04%
BlueDragon 6.x J2EE 	6 	2.21%
ColdFusion 4.5 		6 	2.21%
ColdFusion 4 		4 	1.47%
BlueDragon 6.x .NET 	2 	0.74%

At CFDEV we also keep stats on what Application server our customers use. This info is recorded when they file a support ticket, so its not a full representation:

ColdFusion 6.x	62.68%
ColdFusion 5	35.05%
ColdFusion 4	1.24%
ColdFusion 4.5	0.62%
ColdFusion 7	0.41%

These numbers are for the last 6 months of support requests at cfdev.

Now for my new poll: What Edition of CF do you use? Votes are restricted to one per client this time, so choose which ever one you use most. Voting is in the lower left corner of my blog.

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Thanks for running that poll. It was really interesting to see what versions of ColdFusion (and BlueDragon) people are running.
yes it is fine

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