Mozilla Sunbird

January 06, 2005

Mozilla Sunbird is a cross platform standalone calendar application from the Mozilla Foundation. Though in the "experimental stage" it is pretty nice, and uses the same format as iCal on your Mac, so you can share and publish you calendar cross platform.

I've been looking for a decent Calendar Application for Windows since I ditched Outlook for Thunderbird a year or two ago. I installed Mozilla Calendar as a firefox extension, but I didn't like having to use Firefox to get to my calendar. The standalone version is what I was looking for! This is also nice because I can sync my work calendar with the calendar on my PowerBook.

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I discovered the same things about Sunbird at some point last year when my wife and I wanted to be synchronized between work and home. In fact I also found a nice, and easy to use web based calendar you can easilly publish to - i do so using a quick batch file - but I'm sure there is an easy equivilent on Macs. I posted some about it at my blog: Though, if you dont' want to read my blog post on it you can just check out the calendar project that provides the cool web version -
Pete, If you're still interested you can launch Mozilla calendar by: mozilla.exe "-mail" check the calendar FAQ
How do you sync Sunbird with your PowerBook. Is this through .Mac? Or, do you just copy .ics files back and forth?

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