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November 26, 2004

New Amazon Deals Shopping Web Site

I just launched a new web site for Finding deals on Amazon called SpendFish. The site is built with CFML, and is still in Beta - there are tons more things I plan on adding to the site. Such as RSS feeds, improved layout, and more advanced searching options. But for now it is usable, and I've found a lot of great deals on it already!

I would love to hear any feedback you may have

Update The amazon deal shopping site was formerly called dealazon, but is now called SpendFish - fish for deals. Also I have updated the site with RSS Feeds for finding deals, and more. Please give SpendFish a try for finding deals on

A little more about how it finds deals

SpendFish actually connects to amazon's web services to find the best deals. It compares the list price of a product to the current price, and calculates the discount. Most products are discounted at 30% or more.

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How about an explanation on the site? (I assume you just find the highest discount rates, no?) Sort table by clicking on headers?
Yes I basically just search hold products with the highest discounts, and store them in a database. Sorting is one of the features that I plan on adding in the near future.
you can get hot amazon deals from
nice site, will you release a copy of this software public? i would like to test a copy on my own and see what i do. thank you. james
Is not working today? I just found it last week and LOVE it!!! Thanks so much!!
Sure do miss dealazon. Is it coming back?
Is Dealazon going to be back?
LIked the concept of the Dealazon... Very usefull... Both the Dealazon and makes the deal hunting far better... is dead now as far as looking for amazon deals. you need to have list of the latest deals from amazon. you have links like, 45% off tools. that doesn't really get my attention. i want to see a picture of the item and the price.
Best page to find Amazon Deals- Amazon coupons allows you to view deals in 90%off 80%off 70%off has amazon deals, but also deals. The amazon deals are usually the best.
There are a number of great websites to catch amazon deals. For example I use this one: - the thing about this one is - it updates several times a day and that allows to catch really amazing savings - sometimes p to 50% off real(not advertized) prices. good luck!

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