MyIE2 - IE Based fast web browser

August 20, 2003

MyIE2 released a new version of their web browser this week. I downloaded it today, and I'm quite impressed. MyIE2 uses MS IE to render and display content so everything that works in IE, works the same in MyIE. MyIE has a much smaller memory footprint than MSIE. I ran a quick test by visiting 3 web sites in both web browsers and recording the memory usage. MSIE was using 24MB of ram, while MyIE2 only used 8. In addition to being faster than MSIE it also has more features:

  • Tabbed Browsing
  • Support for IE Plugins (like the google toolbar)
  • Popup blocking
  • Ad blocking
  • Whois queries
  • Translation
  • Skinnable

It's a 1.7mb free download

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