Counting files

September 15, 2004

In order to set the Maximum number of cached templates setting in ColdFusion MX Administrator, you need to know how many CFM files you have on your server. An easy way to find this out on Unix is by running the find command and piping it with grep -c (to count the number of matches) for example:

find /web/root | grep -c \.cfm$

The result will be the number of cfm files you have in your web

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I wonder if it would also be good to add <pre>find /web/root | grep -c \.cfc$</pre> (CFCs) to that total, then round up?
Good point, I would assume that CFCs are part of the template cache as well, but I don't know for sure.
// counts .cfc and .cfm files, case insensitve // only counts regular files (not directories) // find /web/root -type f -iname "*.cf[cm]" | wc -l

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