The name is not a valid component name

August 24, 2004

I got a somewhat misleading error message today, it went something like this:

The name is not a valid component name. Component names cannot start or end with dots.

My component name did not have any dots in it, and I was trying to access it through the component browser.

It turns out the error message wasn't bad english, they were trying to tell me that the name "" is not a valid component name. I used the CFC wizard in cfeclipse to create the component, and it added an empty extends attribute. I submitted this as bug #180 to the cfeclipse project.

I posted this for two reasons first so that anyone else who gets this error message doesn't have to spend as much time as I did figuring out why. And second so that Macromedia and New Atlanta can take note of these poor error messages. It would have been a bit easier to debug if they wrapped the name of the component with quotes. Descriptive error messages go a long ways to simplify application development.

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Yeah, I got stung with that when I first started using CFEclipse and it took me ages to figure out what the problem was because by default the code doesn't wrap - meaning the extends="" was hidden away to the right!! I'm now bald because of it :)
Yea i just got stung with this but it was using the DWMX edit this tag functionality.....
You saved my life. thanks!

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did you hack my cf?