BlueDragon httpd.conf settings

August 17, 2004

Here are the settings that bluedragon 6.1 adds to your httpd.conf file. I am posting these because it is helpful when your trying to install on an unsupported platform.

ServletExecInstances default
ServletExecAliases default /servlet servlet .jsp .cfc .cfm .cfml

<Location /servlet>
    SetHandler servlet-exec

<Location servlet>
        SetHandler servlet-exec

AddHandler servlet-exec jsp
AddHandler servlet-exec cfc
AddHandler servlet-exec cfm
AddHandler servlet-exec cfml

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BlueDragon also adds this line: LoadModule servletexec_module /path/to/
Is there anything else that BlueDragon does when it installs on top of another server like apache? i have manually modified my conf but when apache attempts to load the module during start up I get a syntax error for that line of the conf even though it is the same as above.
Here is the exact error I get: Syntax error on line 199 of /Library/Tenon/WebServer/Configuration/httpd.conf: Cannot load /Library/Tenon/BlueDragon_Server/bin/apache/ into server: dyld: /Library/Tenon/WebServer/Executables/httpd Undefined symbols:\n_ap_bsetopt\n_ap_ctx_get\n_ap_hard_timeout\n_ap_kill_timeout\n_ap_make_sub_pool\n_ap_palloc\n_ap_pcalloc\n_ap_pclosesocket\n_ap_psocket\n_ap_reset_timeout\n_ap_send_http_header\n_ap_table_get\n

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did you hack my cf?