Clarifying Verity Support in Linux

April 15, 2004

There is a post on the CF-Linux mailing list about support for Verity on Linux. The post started with a message by Doug James posting a response he received from Macromedia stating that RedHat AS 2.1 is not a supported platform for Verity on Linux:

"Unfortunately, RedHat Advance Server 2.1 is not supported by Verity. Please refer to the listing of ColdFusion system requirements at this link:"

Well it turns out that the System Requirements page on Macromedia is Wrong! Steven Erat a Macromedia support engineer, points this out:

The information you received from Macromedia is incorrect.

This subject was in dispute last fall, and after QA reviewed it they determined that Macromedia will support Verity on ColdFusion MX 6.1 on RHEL 2.1.

The footnote here by Macromedia's jrunrandy states official support,

I blogged this here and here.

But there are still more inconsistencies in the release notes, I pointed out that SuSE is listed as supporting verity on the release notes, but on the live docs page it is listed as not supporting verity. Steven has asked the appropriate person to update that doc, and here's what we believe to be the supported verity platforms for linux at this time:

Supported for Verity: RedHat 7.2, RedHat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server (AS) 2.1

Not Supported for Verity: RH 7.3, RH 8, RH 9, RHEL 3.x, SuSE 7.3, 8.x

Not Supported at all for ColdFusion MX 6.1: Suse 9.x, Fedora Core X, other

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The CFMX 6.1 works on Red Hat Linux AS 2.1 and the verity, just fine. Had to set an environment variable on the server though. Also pdfs do not work, just html, cfm, etc. documents work.
Yes RH AS 2.1 is listed as Supported for Verity above.
A hotfix has been released to enable Verity support on all Linux versions supported by CFMX 6.1. See technote 19339, .
I seldom have much use for Verity filesystem searches. Has anything changed with regard to Verity Spider (vspider) support on Linux? (AFAIK, it just doesn't work.)
We're using SuSe 8.2 and soon upgrading to enterprise 9... I found it does not work in these distributions. Defeats the purpose of having the ability to search the documents. Too bad.

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