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April 08, 2004

I came across a handy reference article on today that gives XPath queries for RSS and Atom feeds. Just last week I was attempting to parse a RSS 1.0 feed in CFMX using the XMLSearch function. I'm running into problems however due to the name spaces in RSS 1.0, here's the code I'm using:

<cfhttp url="" method="get" />
<cfset rss = XMLParse(cfhttp.filecontent)>

<!--- get an array of items --->
<cfset items = XMLSearch(rss, "/rdf:RDF/item")>
<cfdump var="#items#">

The result is that the items array is empty. I think this is a namespace issue, but I'm not really sure. Is this a bug? Anyone have an idea?

BTW if your looking to parse RSS 0.9x or 2.0 with XPath check out this older blog post.

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Why not just use: XmlSearch(rss, "//item") That way you don't have to worry about what version of RSS you're parsing... you'll always get an array of items.
Hi Roger, I tried that as well previously, it also returned an empty array. Were you able to get that to work? -pete
This works: XMLSearch(rss,"/rdf:RDF/:item") as does this: XMLSearch(rss,"//:item") Because of the namespaces, you have to explicitly specify that 'item' has an empty namespace prefix.
Ah! Good to know, thanks Sean!
Pete: I took a sec to dig around in JournURL's aggregator code, and found what I'm actually using: XmlSearch(myRSS, "//*[name()='item']")
Hey Guys, Check out this post on the CF Forums, relating to XMLSearch() when the document contains namespaces. What xpath should be used here?
This seems to be the one that works best for most feeds we try to parse: XmlSearch(myRSS, "//*[name()='item']") I have a question about looping through the resulting array. What should the xpath be when looking for the description, title and item of the children? Thanks...
i want to read a file on particular search cretria like username="jhon" in XML using XmlSearch()

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