Grammar Cheat Sheet

Its and It's

Correct: The dog wagged its tail

Correct: It's the first day of the week

Use Its to indicate possession. Use It's for it is or it has

You're and Your

Correct: Brush your teeth

Correct: You're the first person to notice

Incorrect: Your dumb

Your = belonging to you, You're = you are

They're, Their, There

Correct: Don't go there

Correct: They're almost done

Correct: Look at their hair

They're = they are, there = a place, their is possessive

Affect and Effect

Correct: I'm not going to let him affect me

Correct: The law will soon take effect

ie and eg

Use ie for in other words, and eg when you mean for example

Do's and Don'ts

A lot not alot

etc, not etc.

All right not alright

per se not per say

bear with me, not bare with me

hear hear, not here here

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