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Uptime for Windows

Updated on November 13, 2023
By Pete Freitag

Almost every unix operating system comes with a utility called uptime that tells you how long your server has been running.

Unfortunately no such tool comes with windows, but there are a few ways to determine the date you computer was last started. Type the following in to the command prompt.


One of the oldest methods to find the uptime of a Windows server is to use the net statistics command. This technique worked as far back as Windows NT and Windows 2000:

net statistics server

It will output something like:

Server Statistics for \\PETE
Statistics since 6/9/2002 11:09 AM

This still works on a Windows Server 2022 machine, but you have to use net statistics workstation instead of server.

The net command is very useful, it allows you to connect to shares, start services, send messages between computers and more. To learn more about it type:
net help
Here are some examples using the net command.

List all accounts in a domain:
net accounts /DOMAIN
Send a message to all users in the domain (a text box pops up). Replace /DOMAIN with a username to send to just one user.
net send /DOMAIN "The server is rebooting"
Start a service
net start "Service Name"
Stop a service
net stop "Service Name"

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Uptime for Windows was first published on October 13, 2002.

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Note this should also work on Windows 2003 Server
by Pete Freitag on 05/31/2005 at 12:52:17 PM UTC
You can get the uptime utility from Microsoft on this page:
by Kyle Fox on 09/17/2005 at 6:05:13 PM UTC
this will do it, open cmd and type
systeminfo | find "Up Time"
by sysinfo on 05/28/2006 at 11:13:11 AM UTC
Command Line for Windows uptime:

type Systeminfo at the command line prompt, scroll down to uptime.
by Michael BUckingham on 09/20/2006 at 6:58:45 PM UTC
Thanks a lot the commands was so simple and iam grateful to the guy who posted this.
by Gopi Krishna on 11/27/2007 at 6:19:46 PM UTC
systeminfo |find "Up Time" |msg *
that will create a message box for you.
If you prefer the net program switch it to Workstation:
net statistics Workstation
The computer starts before the server does.
by Thomas Black on 09/02/2008 at 12:13:53 PM UTC
Just start windows task mangager it show uptime of your pc
by Tom on 07/30/2010 at 6:48:19 PM UTC