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Running CFML on AWS Lambda with FuseLess Slides

Published on May 10, 2019
By Pete Freitag

Here are the slides for my Running CFML on AWS Lambda with FuseLess talk. I gave this talk at Into The Box 2019 in Houston Texas last week.

Nolan Erck has posted his notes if you want to read through a summary. You also may enjoy reading his Recap of Into The Box 2019.

Here are some of the tools from my talk:

BTW the Fixinator CFML code security scanner runs serverless on Lambda powered by FuseLess.

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Running CFML on AWS Lambda with FuseLess Slides was first published on May 10, 2019.

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The Fixinator Code Security Scanner for ColdFusion & CFML is an easy to use security tool that every CF developer can use. It can also easily integrate into CI for automatic scanning on every commit.

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For folks who may find this post in late 2020 and beyond, note that while Pete's great work on Fuseless required use of Lucee (because of the deployment flexibility it gave Pete), it's worth noting that CF2020 (currently code-named Project Stratus) adds direct support of FaaS execution of CFML via AWS Lambda.

Anyone can now try it out, with the public beta (

Or anyone can read about it in a publicly shared link to the "what's new" manual (release notes) for the first public release of the beta, with the 7-page chapter on "AWS Serverless in ColdFusion" starting on p 444 of that manual:

Will be great to hear what folks like Pete and Brian Klaas (another heavy user of AWS and Lambda, in particular) may find and share about their experience with CF's new support. (Brian had done a lot of writing on his blog, with several posts on intergrating WITH lambda FROM CFML--before even Fuseless existed, let alone CF2020, to let us run CFML functions ON Lambda.
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