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iTunes Podcast RSS Enclosure URL Encoding Tip

Published on May 29, 2007
By Pete Freitag

I am working on publishing a podcast in iTunes for one of my clients. From what I have read on various blogs iTunes can be very picky, so I thought I would post this for anyone else having this problem. I was getting the following error message:

There are no playable episodes for name of podcast

The URL might point to text only episodes, or contain file types that iTunes cannot play.

After verifying that the MP3 file had the correct content type, and could play in iTunes I was stumped for a bit.

After checking every element in the RSS feed, I thought that perhaps it might have something to do with the MP3 enclosure URL. The mp3 files provided by my client had spaces in the file names, so I was using URLEncodedFormat to escape the spaces with %20. When I removed the URL encoding, and left the spaces in the URL everything worked great.

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iTunes Podcast RSS Enclosure URL Encoding Tip was first published on May 29, 2007.

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