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Java Performance Tuning: Garbage Collection Outline

This document is a summary or outline of Sun's document: Tuning Garbage collection with the 1.4.2 Hotspot JVM located here: (link no longer works)

1.0 Introduction 2.0 Generations 2.1 Performance Considerations 2.2 Measurement 3 Sizing the Generations 3.1 Total Heap 3.2 The Young Generation 3.2.1 Young Generation Guarantee 4 Types of Collectors 4.1 When to use Throughput Collector 4.2 The Throughput collector 4.2.1 Adaptive Sizing 4.2.2 Aggressive Heap 4.3 When to use the Concurrent Low Pause Collector 4.4 The Concurrent Low Pause Collector 4.4.1 Overhead of Concurrency 4.4.2 Young Generation Guarantee 4.4.3 Full Collections 4.4.4 Floating Garbage 4.4.5 Pauses 4.4.6 Concurrent Phases 4.4.7 Measurements with the Concurrent Collector 4.4.8 Parallel Minor Collection Options with Concurrent Collector 4.5 When to use the Incremental Low Pause Collector 4.6 The Incremental Low Pause Collector 4.6.1 Measurements with the Incremental Collector 5 Other Considerations 6 Conclusion More Information Java Performance Books