Cyber Monday Server Fails

misc Cyber Monday certainly has created a good share of 503 status codes (that's a Service Unavailable for those that don't speak HTTP :). I experienced some major issues today, most notably with Land's End. Their servers were up and down for hours, with all sorts of messages.

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Building a Web Browser App for Blackberry Playbook Simulator

misc The blackberry playbook simulator doesn't yet include the web browser application, but I found it pretty easy to write my own using the class and calling the loadUrl method.

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Getting Started with Blackberry Playbook App Development

misc I downloaded the SDK and Simulator for the Blackberry Playbook today. A few quick notes about my experiences so far.

The first thing you should know if you are on a Mac is that you must have VMWare Fusion in order to run the Simulator at this time.

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HTML5 Input Type Keyboards on iPhone & Android Devices

web If you are building mobile web applications using things like PhoneGap, or jQuery Mobile you will want to take a look at some of the new values for the type attribute in the input tag that are offered by HTML5.

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Troubleshooting ColdFusion 9 .NET Integration Issues

coldfusion I recently helped a client get .NET integration working on their 64 bit ColdFusion 9 multiserver installation. There seams to be some quirks with multi-instance installs when using .NET integration in ColdFusion (when you create a new instance, you may not get all the files you need for .

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did you hack my cf?