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Of all the tags in ColdFusion, CFDUMP has to be one of the handiest tags. Any ColdFusion developer who uses the tag has probably at some point wanted to use it in other languages.

Well thanks to Brian Love for pointing me to this handy javascript dump script, it's output is even inspired by ColdFusion's CFDUMP tag.

js dump

This will be very handy for working with JSON!

You should also checkout FireBug for debugging in JavaScript, I have been using it for a few weeks now, and it is rockin!

See Ben Forta's: Dumping Flex Objects, and dbug for php.

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On 12/19/2006 at 5:40:37 PM UTC dan wrote:
I have been using it for about 2 months now and it is just a fantastic tool to have!

On 12/19/2006 at 11:42:36 PM UTC James Holmes wrote:
There's also DP_Debug, which dumps complex objects and does a few other things too:

On 12/20/2006 at 12:10:43 AM UTC Justin Carter wrote:
Wow, this one has been flying under the radar for a while... Nice find though! I wonder how long before FireBug has something like this too :)

On 12/20/2006 at 8:39:03 AM UTC Rey Bango wrote:
Hey Pete, awesome find man! I posted about it in my blog and linked back to your article.

On 12/25/2006 at 3:21:03 PM UTC Brian Love wrote:
Thanks for the reference, hope you find this tool as useful as I have!

On 12/09/2012 at 10:39:21 AM UTC Anuar wrote:
Oh, and I should add reigdrang your comment on FusionDebug that indeed the 2.0 version mad significant improvements in the install process. It also includes the option now to either install as a plug-in on top of an existing Eclipse setup, or to install a complete new one with both FusionDebug and CFeclipse (for now, not the CF8 extensions).

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