Announcing FuseGuard Version 3

coldfusion After many hours in development and testing we are proud to announce the release of FuseGuard 3! FuseGuard 3 ships with 11 new filters, 1 new logger and several additional improvements to better protect your CFML applications.

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Video: Installing FuseGuard

coldfusion Did you know that it only takes minutes to get FuseGuard up and running? Here's a short video showing how to install and configure FuseGuard - web application firewall for ColdFusion:

What's FuseGuard?

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Web Application Firewall for ColdFusion Launched

coldfusion I'm excited to announce today the launch of Foundeo's latest product: the Foundeo Web Application Firewall for ColdFusion. The product can block or log malicious requests to your ColdFusion applications.

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did you hack my cf?