How to Get a Green SSL Certificate

web Just as SSL Certificates were starting to become really inexpensive, they figured out a way to start charging more money again.

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CFPARAM for Simple String Validation

coldfusion With the addition of a dozen new type values for the cfparam tag in ColdFusion 7, it has become a handy tool for validation.

I have a little trick for those of you who are using earlier versions of ColdFusion that don't support the new types for validation.

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Yahoo Pipes Generates Invalid RSS Feeds

coldfusion web I was doing some regression testing today on foundeo's feed parser for ColdFusion today, and when I saw some posts today on Yahoo Pipes, so I thought I'd add one of their RSS feeds to my test harness.

When I ran the test I found that the dates were not parsing correctly.

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Let the computer do the formatting

coldfusion web Brian Crescimanno recently published a form usability checklist on A List Apart. It's a great article that hits home some of my form pet peeves.

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Keep in mind that users don't read

web I was just updating my cell phone plan on T-Mobile's web site. They asked me to enter the last four digits of my social security number, or my birth date to confirm my identity.

I was just making a quick change, so I didn't read the instructions on the form written in font size xx-small.

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ParagraphFormat is not XHTML Safe

coldfusion I just noticed that the ParagraphFormat tag is not XHTML safe. It inserts unclosed <P> tags for line breaks. I posted a comment on the live docs about this, so hopefully they will add an optional argument to have it generate XHTML output.

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did you hack my cf?