OutOfMemoryError - GC overhead limit exceeded

java Someone asked me recently about the following exception on their ColdFusion server:


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MySQL Optimization Hints

databases Every programmer loves to optimize, even when we know we shouldn't. To satisfy your cravings MySQL has several keywords that can be placed in your SQL statement to give the database server an explicit optimization instruction.

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Google Video: MySQL Performance Tuning Best Practices

databases Jay Pipes is a co-author of the recently published Pro MySQL recently spoke at Google on MySQL Performance Tuning Best Practices

You can check out a video of the presentation on Google Video

There is also a good video from Google called The Paradox of Choice:

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Premature optimization is the root of all evil

web That's a quote from Dare Obasanjo at Microsoft who worked on the MSN Spaces project.

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Java Performance Tuning Guide

coldfusion java Sun recently published a new whitepaper called Java Tuning. It should be of interest to anyone doing performance tuning on ColdFusion server and ofcourse any java application.

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Over Tweaking

coldfusion There was a thread recently on the CFGURU mailing list about the merits of the various tweaks that CFML developers use to gain a few extra milliseconds.

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did you hack my cf?