Forcing CFC Documentation with Unit Tests

coldfusion Here's a unit test I wrote today that makes sure every public CFC function has a hint attribute specified:

<cffunction name="testPublicFunctionHasHint">

  <cfset var md = GetMetaData(variables.

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Using Apache Bench for Simple Load Testing

apple coldfusion linux web If you have access to a Mac or Linux server, chances are you may already have a really simple http load generating tool installed called Apache Bench, or ab. If you are on windows and have Apache installed, you may also have ab.exe in your apache/bin folder.

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Testing OpenLDAP

coldfusion If you ever need to test LDAP stuff the OpenLDAP project runs a test server at It only has a few entries in it but it can be handy for building examples, or testing.

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did you hack my cf?