SQL Case Statement

databases Here's a simple example of a SQL CASE statement for Microsoft SQL Server:

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Getting ColdFusion SQL Statements from SQL Server Trace

coldfusion databases Running a SQL Trace in the SQL Server Profiler can be a great way to track down performance problems in your ColdFusion application.

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Try Catch for SQLServer T-SQL

databases Error handling in SQL Server T-SQL scripts is not always the most graceful thing to deal with. With the release of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 you can now use TRY / CATCH statements.

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databases I've known about the INFORMATION_SCHEMA views (or system tables) in SQL Server for a while, but I just leared recently that they are actually part of the SQL-92 standard and supported on other database platforms.

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Backwards LIKE Statements

databases Sometimes you need to think backwards.

Here was the problem. I needed to match up some IP address ranges to the company that owns them.

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SQL to Select a random row from a database table

databases There are lots of ways to select a random record or row from a database table. Here are some example SQL statements that don't require additional application logic, but each database server requires different SQL syntax.

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Temporary Stored Procedures on SQL Server

databases I posted about doing fast bulk inserts with PostgreSQL last week, and with MySQL a while back. Now its time for Microsoft SQL Server.

I'm using a technique similar to what I used for PostgreSQL for SQL server.

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SQL Server Express 2005, Finally Installed


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SQL Reserved Key Words Checker Tool

databases I just whipped together a tool for checking for reserved sql words. The tool checks against SQL Server 2000, MySQL 5.0, PostgreSQL 8.0, Oracle 10g, ODBC, and SQL Server Future Keywords list.

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I give up! Installing SQL Server 2005 Express

databases I have given up hope for installing SQL Server 2005 Express on my computer. When I run the installer I get this message:

SQL Server 2005 Beta 3 Setup has detected incompatible beta components from Visual Studio or SQL Server.

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Microsoft adds SQL Server 2005 Workgroup Edition

databases Microsoft is Expanding their SQL Server 2005 Product Line, with the introduction of SQL Server Workgroup Edition. These new price points are no doubt in response to open source database competitors such as MySQL and PostgreSQL.

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Understanding MSDE 2000's Limitations in Web Applications

coldfusion databases If your using Microsoft's light weight version of SQL Server MSDE for a web application you should understand the limitations, so you can properly configure your database connection.

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jTDS - Open Source Type 4 JDBC Driver for SQL Server

databases If your looking for a JDBC driver for SQL Server that will work on multiple platforms, and is free - take a look at jTDS. The jTDS project also claims that it is the fastest JDBC driver for SQL Server, based on these benchmarks.

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Top 3 differences between PostgreSQL and MS SQL

databases I recently switched a database server from Microsoft SQL Server over to PostgreSQL.

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