Cyber Monday Server Fails

misc Cyber Monday certainly has created a good share of 503 status codes (that's a Service Unavailable for those that don't speak HTTP :). I experienced some major issues today, most notably with Land's End. Their servers were up and down for hours, with all sorts of messages.

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Buy Flex 2 for Less

web I just noticed today that you can buy Adobe Flex from Amazon and save a few bucks. They have Flex Builder 2 with Charting for $715.99 (it cost $749 on, and the standard Flex Builder 2 for $459.99 ($499 on Both will ship for free.

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Deal Shopping Sites Roundup

web If you're like me, every year you plan on doing your holiday shopping online, but wait too long, and end up in the mall on Christmas Eve. Well now is a pretty good time to do your online shopping without paying high shipping costs to ensure your stuff arrives on time.

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Amazon Deals

web New Amazon Deals Shopping Web Site

I just launched a new web site for Finding deals on Amazon called SpendFish. The site is built with CFML, and is still in Beta - there are tons more things I plan on adding to the site.

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did you hack my cf?