Google Code Search for ColdFusion

coldfusion Google's code search engine has been updated with an outline view that shows hierarchy of Java, C, C++, C#, Python, JavaScript and Pascal source files.

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Yahoo and IBM Join Forces to create OmniFind

web Yahoo and IBM have joined up to create OmniFind a free entry level enterprise search appliance. The app runs on Linux or Windows and sports a nifty API (REST based, returns results in ATOM format).

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Sphinx - Open Source SQL Full Text Search Engine

databases I came across Sphinx today via the MySQL Performance Blog (which has some good entries you might want to check out). It is an Open Source Full Text SQL Search Engine.

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ColdFusion Search Engine Using Google Coop

coldfusion I went ahead and started a ColdFusion search engine with Google Coop.

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Job Maps - Indeed Job Search + Google Maps

web I just launched a new site this morning called JobMaps. It uses the Indeed Job Search Engine, and the Google Maps API to show you just exactally where the job your searching for is located. I think the site will be pretty handy for people looking for jobs in a large area (such as an entire state).

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Why Yahoo Acquired

misc When I read this morning that Yahoo acquired I wasn't that surprised.

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MySQL FULLTEXT Indexing and Searching

databases MySQL has supported FULLTEXT indexes since version 3.23.23. VARCHAR and TEXT Columns that have been indexed with FULLTEXT can be used with special SQL statements that perform the full text search in MySQL.

To get started you need to define the FULLTEXT index on some columns.

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4 Google Tricks

web Here are four things I didn't know you could do in a google search until recently:

Fuzzy Search - Search for ~music player, and google searches for music player, mp3 player, audio player, and other words that have similar meanings to music.

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Google Blog Search - Not Impressed

web Google has no doubt not suprised anyone with their new Blog Search BETA.

What is suprising is the search result quality. I was hoping the Google would use their immense trust of brain power to come up with a blog search that produces good accurate and relavent results. But they didn't.

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Information Scents

web I found an article on Information Scents on SmartMobs. The term Information Scents was first coined by researchers at Xerox, whose research showed that the way people search for information is closely related to how animals hunt for food.

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Search Useability

web Jakob Nielsen has recently published an article titled: Mental Models For Search Are Getting Firmer. The article basically states that if your sites search functionality behaves different from Google, that users will get confused.

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Amazon Search Dashboard Widget for Tiger

apple web I have had Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger for 3 days, and I have already released my first Dashboard Widget called Dash Shopper - Amazon Product Search Dashboard Widget.

The widget supports multiple locales US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, and Japan.

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How to Remove Search Plugins in Firefox

web Search Plugin's in firefox are a pretty cool feature, especially since they are so easy to make. However if you want to remove an installed search plugin I can't find any way to do this inside firefox. It should be in the extensions manager, or something like it.

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OpenSearch by Amazon's A9 Search Engine

web Amazon's A9 Search engine has just added a very cool feature called OpenSearch. The idea is pretty simple, web sites can submit RSS feeds for their search results to the A9 OpenSearch web site, then users can search lots of sites from one portal, or search aggregator.

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