It takes more than just PageRank

web Here's a great example showing that it takes more than just a higher PageRank to be the #1 result in google for a given query. If you do a search for freitag on Google, you will notice that (the guys that make Freitag Bags, page rank of 4) beats my blog (page rank of 7).

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New PageRank Update

web I noticed that google rolled out an update for their pageranks today. The pagerank you see from google toolbar, or pagerank status (firefox extension) are only updated around every two months.

Google does this to keep people guessing.

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How long does it take to get a Google PageRank

web I have noticed that new web pages don't get a page rank right away, it actually takes quite a while. I checked on a couple sites including my blog, and it looks like it takes about two months to get a page rank assigned to your page.

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did you hack my cf?