Mach-II - Hey I'm not dead

coldfusion Matt Woodward has an entry worth reading about frameworks, and the Mach-II is dead fervor.

"if in some particular case Mach-II seems to be a better fit for one reason or another, I'm not going to avoid it just because it's falling out of favor with some folks.

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Mach-II User Group Meeting and User Group Web Site

coldfusion Well we had our first lunch time CFUG meeting today (we used to meet at night at 7:30), I think I like the lunch time meeting better - and many of our members seam to prefer it because it doesn't cut into their personal time.

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Mach II

coldfusion Here's a recent conversation I had with my girlfriend:

Me: We have a speaker coming in from Rochester, NY (Tracy Logan) for our CFUG meeting.

GF: That's cool, what is he going to talk about?

Me: Mach-II

GF: The shaver?

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did you hack my cf?