Why is my cron.daily script not running?

linux Over the years when setting up servers I have run into the various ways that your cron.daily or cron.hourly scripts manage to fail to run. Today I ran into a new reason which I don't recall running into before, maybe something has changed or maybe I just never ran into it.

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Upgrading to Java 7 on Linux

java Today I upgraded Java from 1.6 to 1.7 on a CentOS (RHEL) 6 Linux server, and ran into a small issue. Typically when I install java on linux I use the RPM packages, this allows you to run multiple versions of Java incase you need to roll back to a prior version.

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Minor bug in ColdFusion 10 Linux Startup Scripts

coldfusion linux Running ColdFusion 10 on Linux you might run into an issue when checking the server status, if your ColdFusion user account has a default shell of /sbin/nologin (this is how your account should be setup for security purposes). So for example when you run:


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Great Tool For Network Bandwidth Monitoring: vnstat

apple linux Did you ever wonder how much bandwidth your linux server is using each month, or each day? There are a number of tools that can give you this information, but many of them are packet sniffers, and can effect performance.

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Howto Backup your Mac incrementally over SSH

apple linux Do you have access to a shell account on a unix server with some spare space? If so it's pretty easy to incrementally backup your files securely with SSH.

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Top 20 Internet Security Vulnerabilities of 2005

apple databases linux misc web SANS has published a list of the top 20 internet security vulnerabilities of 2005. The list is not however cumulative, it features security vulnerabilities that have been the most prevalent within the past year and a half.

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The 15 Essential UNIX commands

apple linux misc Learning UNIX is a seemingly daunting task, there are thousands of commands out there, each with hundreds of options. But in reality you only need to know a few of them.

I use unix quite a bit, usually either on one of our Linux servers, or on my Powerbook with OS X.

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Upgraded to BlueDragon 6.2

coldfusion I just upgraded to BlueDragon 6.2 on our secondary web server, it was previously running BlueDragon 6.1. The process was pretty smooth, I was worried about having the server down for an hour while I upgraded, but it turned out that I only had a few minutes of down time.

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Linux getting the shaft in ColdFusion 7

coldfusion I was just looking at the Linux system requirements for ColdFusion MX 7. For supported linux operating systems, it lists:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS & ES 2.1 or 3.0

SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8.x

TurboLinux 8 Server (Japanese only)

In 6.

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Linux and OS X Shell Commands

apple linux I found this site with a handy list of OS X and Linux shell commands, along with documentation.

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Building Apache2 From Source on Linux (Redhat 8)

linux This blog entry shows the steps used to compile and build apache2 on linux. The example uses Apache 2.0.46 on Redhat 8 using a bash shell, you will need gcc installed. You can find Apache's install instructions here

Downlaod the latest tar.gz file for apache2

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BlueDragon httpd.conf settings

coldfusion Here are the settings that bluedragon 6.1 adds to your httpd.conf file. I am posting these because it is helpful when your trying to install on an unsupported platform.

ServletExecInstances default

ServletExecAliases default /servlet servlet .jsp .cfc .cfm .

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Real World Linux Security

linux I read part of Real World Linux Security this weekend. It's a very detailed book that covers a wide range of security topics, from an author with lots of security experience.

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did you hack my cf?