Laszlo gripes resolved

web About a month ago I linked to Geert Bevin's post about his frustrations with Laszlo (an xml to swf generator). Geert, has posted an update since moving to the latest version of Laszlo.

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Wasting Time with Laszlo

web Geert Bevin has a blog entry, titled wasting time with laszlo in which he exclaims some of his frustrations when working with Laszlo Presentation Server.

Laszlo, if your not familiar is an xml based rich application development environment, similar to Macromedia Flex.

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Laszlo Vs Flex

misc web Now that Laszlo is open source and Flex has a free Non-Commercial License it is safe to assume that we will be seeing increased interest in server side swf generation.

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did you hack my cf?