Updating Java on ColdFusion or Lucee

coldfusion As a ColdFusion user you are probably aware that your CFML is compiled into Java byte code and executed by the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Just like your Operating System or ColdFusion server needs to be patched for security issues, so does your JVM.

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Getting Size of Heap and Non Heap Memory in CFML

coldfusion java I was helping out a member of my CFUG with some questions about the JVM, and I wanted to point him to a way to see how big his PermGen is at runtime.

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Adobe Says Go Ahead and Upgrade your ColdFusion JVM

coldfusion java This probably flew under the radar to many but Adobe has recently updated one of their support docs on upgrading JVM in ColdFusion, they now clearly state that you can upgrade to the latest minor release of a supported jvm version in ColdFusion:

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Enabling Unlimited Strength Cryptography in ColdFusion

coldfusion java If you want to use very strong encryption in ColdFusion you may need to install the Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files in the JVM running ColdFusion.

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What's New in Java 7?

java Last week JDK 7 reached its Feature Complete milestone, and Oracle is confident they will ship the General Availability release in the summer of 2011. So what's new in Java 7?

JSR 203: More New I/O APIs (Asynchronous I/O) for the Java Platform ("NIO.

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OutOfMemoryError - GC overhead limit exceeded

java Someone asked me recently about the following exception on their ColdFusion server:


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Bea JRockit 5 JVM Released

coldfusion java Bea has released JRockit 5.0 JVM. Here is a link to some release notes.

JRockit 5.0 is a J2SE 5.0 compatible Java Runtime Environment. The JRockit JVM main design goal is performance, and the 5.0 version shows a 5-10% performance increase over their previous version on linux.

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Java 1.5 for FreeBSD Patchset Released

java The first patchset for Java 1.5 on FreeBSD has been released.

Greg Lewis has released the first patchset (patchlevel 1) for the JDK" 1.5.0 software. This is initial patchset and suitable for early testers and developers.

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Converting an unsigned byte array to an integer

java I found myself today needing to deal with unsigned integers, and shorts in java. In Java there is no unsigned keyword like in C, or other languages. All primitives are signed (meaning they can hold negative values).

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Robi Sen on Hung Servers, java.lang.OutOfMemory errors and Tuning CF JVM

coldfusion java Robi Sen a while back posted a blog entry with some useful tips on solving java.lang.OutOfMemory exceptions, and tuning the JVM for ColdFusion MX. He has recently posted a follow up to that entry.

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Server Memory Flash Remoting Tool

coldfusion Last week I wrote a Server Memory monitoring tool using Flash Remoting. I'm not much of a flash developer, but it only took a few hours. Here's a screen shot of the tool:

Keep in mind this tool only shows the memory for the JVM instance that ColdFusion MX is running in.

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Visualize Garbage Collection

coldfusion java Sun has released (for free) a very cool program called Visual GC 2.0 in their jvmstat toolkit (via: Moazam Raja). The tool will show you graphically how memory is organized into generation in your JVM.

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1.8GB Heap Limit in ColdFusion MX

coldfusion Macromedia's Recent Technote: Maximum JVM heap size greater than 1.8GB will prevent ColdFusion MX from starting points out the limitations of a the JVM on a 32 bit architecture.

Wondering where the number 1.8GB comes from? Moazam Raja's recent blog entry explains.

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ColdFusion Garbage

coldfusion Now that you have had a chance to read my outline of garbage collection tuning in java. You should be asking yourself how does this relate to my ColdFusion server. Or maybe you just wondered what Garbage Collection has to do with ColdFusion Servers.

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Tuning Garbage Collection

java Every so often I come across the document: Tuning Garbage Collection, and I attempt to read all of it. The document is kind of hard to digest, so this time I created an outline of the Tuning Garbage Collection on the Java 1.4.2 Hotspot JVM document.

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ColdFusion Memory Usage Stats

coldfusion java Here are some code to find out some info about the memory usage of CFMX or BlueDragon. The Java API provides three methods in the java.lang.Runtime class: freeMemory, totalMemory, and maxMemory.

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Making Jar files Run

java I recently had to reinstall my OS, and more recently had to use a Java Application called JEdit. JEdit's installer didn't create any shortcuts for me, so I had to run JEdit from the command line by invoking it's jar file with java -jar jEdit.jar.

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Have you tuned your JVM on ColdFusion MX yet?

coldfusion java ColdFusion's move to java gives developers and system administrators a wealth of performance tuning options.

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