MySQL JDBC Load Balancing with MySQL Cluster

databases Here's a neat tip posted by Henrik Ingo from the MySQL Telecom Team

It's not really properly documented in the manual part, but I found in the changelogs, and confirmed on IRC that to do load-balancing across the SQL nodes in MySQL Cluster, you would use a different JDBC connection

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Multiple Statements with MySQL and JDBC

databases Cameron Childress pointed out the allowMultiQueries setting in the MySQL JDBC driver on the CFGURU list. It is set to false by default to protect you from SQL Injection attacks.

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Prepared Statements with JDBC

java To prevent SQL Injection Hacking with JDBC, you simply just need to use Prepared Statements, this is pretty easy to, just use a PreparedStatement object instead of a Statement Object, in your SQL replace your variables with ?

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jTDS - Open Source Type 4 JDBC Driver for SQL Server

databases If your looking for a JDBC driver for SQL Server that will work on multiple platforms, and is free - take a look at jTDS. The jTDS project also claims that it is the fastest JDBC driver for SQL Server, based on these benchmarks.

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Checking your JDBC Driver Version

coldfusion Macromedia recently updated their JDBC driver technote, but I wasn't sure if I already had the 3.3 driver installed (since they may have just updated the text in the technote).

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Turning a JDBC Result set into a ColdFusion query

coldfusion databases Recent discussion on the CFCDev mailing list (at shows how to return a ColdFusion query object from a Java class using a JDBC result set (java.sql.ResultSet). The solution posed by both Brandon Purcell, and I was to pass your JDBC result set in to the constructor of the coldfusion.sql.

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did you hack my cf?