SessionRotate solution for JEE Sessions

coldfusion As you may know the new ColdFusion 10 function SessionRotate works great if you are using ColdFusion sessions (CFID, CFTOKEN), but it doesn't actually rotate the session id or invalidate the underlying J2EE session if you are using JEE sessions.

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J2EE Session Cookies on ColdFusion / JRun

coldfusion java As you are probably aware ColdFusion allows you to use the integrated J2EE sessions that are provided as part of the J2EE server (by enabling the Use J2EE session variables setting in ColdFusion Administrator).

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Servlet API Call for Features

java Greg Murray, the Servlet specification lead is asking how do you use the Java Servlet API, and where would you like it to go:

As part of Java EE 5.0 servlets will be undergoing a maintenance release.

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Installing multiple versions of CFMX on JRun

coldfusion I like to setup my development machine with different versions ColdFusion, but all with the same web root. I setup a server for each instance, so I can use the same url on different ports (eg CFMX 6 on port 8600, CFMX 7 on port 8700, etc).

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did you hack my cf?