Faster Inserts with PostgreSQL

databases As I mentioned yesterday, I'm working on optimizing lots of inserts into a database, and I need solutions for different DB servers. Today I have been working with PostgreSQL. Although the PostgreSQL COPY command is recommended, I can't seam to get it to work with ColdFusion, and cfquery.

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Multiple Dynamic Inserts with SQL

databases If you have ever had to do lots of SQL INSERT statements you will know that they can get pretty slow. When looking for ways to speed up some inserts, I noticed that you can use a SELECT subquery to provide the values.

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Insert Delayed with MySQL

databases I just discovered that MySQL has some handy optimization hints, and commands that you can pass in your SQL statements. Since there is a lot to cover with each tip, I will be posting them in separate blog entries. I have already written about the MySQL Query Cache optimization hints.

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Multiple Inserts with MySQL

databases Andy Jarrett posted this technique for insterting multiple rows (bulk insert) in one SQL statement a few months ago.

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did you hack my cf?