8 Ways to Save Bandwidth on your RSS Feed

web One of the things you will notice after you have published an rss feed is that it will consume a lot of the bandwidth. For example on Spendfish.com 18% of the requests are for RSS feeds. This is no wonder since feed readers may download your feed several times a day even if nothing has changed.

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If-Modified-Since and CFML Part III

coldfusion Roger Benningfield pointed out to me that most clients use a value from a Last-Modified header as the value sent in the If-Modified-Since. So you will want to ensure that you are setting that header as well, if your planning on checking for If-Modified-Since.

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If-Modified-Since and CFML Part II

coldfusion Now that you know how handle HTTP requests with the If-Modified-Since header in ColdFusion, lets take a look at how you might write a HTTP client using CFHTTP that sends If-Modified-Since headers:

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Supporting If-Modified-Since HTTP header in CFML

coldfusion The If-Modified-Since header in the HTTP protocol allows user agents (typically RSS aggregators, or Spiders) to check and see if the content they are about to download has changed since their last visit.

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