Looking for ways to improve CFEclipse?

coldfusion misc If anyone is looking for some new features to implement in CFEclipse, I would suggest checking out TextMate. The editor is pretty popular among developers on the Mac, and Ruby on Rails folks.

If you don't have a mac you can checkout some of the screencasts for TextMate.

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Eclipse 3.1

java misc Another thing I missed last week, was that the Eclipse foundation released Eclipse 3.1.

I have been using the beta's of 3.1 since they first came out, because I am working on a project that uses all the new features in Java 1.5 (generics, new for loops, enums, new api's, etc.

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Eclipse 3.1 Million Download Challenge

coldfusion java misc The Eclipse community is doing a million download challenge for Eclipse 3.1. Over 40 Eclipse community members have agreed to pledge time or money to a charity every day from the time they reach 1 million downloads up to 60 days from the release.

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did you hack my cf?