Web Design Tips for Programmers

web I found a good article on dzone today titled Why Programmers Suck at CSS Design. The title is actually misleading, rather than focus on the why, it will actually help you create some better looking pages.

I've often wanted to write a blog entry about the same topic.

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Googlebot to Submit Web Forms

web I saw recently on the Google blog that the Googlebot will start submitting web forms.

Specifically, when we encounter a <FORM> element on a high-quality site, we might choose to do a small number of queries using the form.

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Uploading Files Like GMail Attachments

web Google's GMail has a nice way of allowing you to add multiple attachments to an email. Rather than showing you 10 file upload boxes at once, the user attaches a file, you can click a button to add another attachment.

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Web Form Security and the Middle Man

web A friend of mine, Matt Finn, was telling me about a security issue he realized recently.

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Howto Build a Form That Isn't Annoying (Part 2)

web This is the second part of my multi-part series called: How to build a form that isn't annoying. After posting part 1 I received lots of great feedback in the comments.

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Accessibility and Usability in Forms Outline

web I gave a talk today called Form Accessibility & Usability here's the outline.

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Styling Your forms with CSS and Labels

web I had a comment asking about styling forms using CSS with the label tag in my last blog entry, so I thought I would write another post to show an example.

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Howto build a form that isn't annoying (Part 1)

web As a web user filling out a form tends to be a most dreaded activity. While forms will always be mundane to fill out, it is possible to create forms that don't drive the user crazy.

I'd like to challenge some common bad practices, and promote some best practices that are often ignored.

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Keep in mind that users don't read

web I was just updating my cell phone plan on T-Mobile's web site. They asked me to enter the last four digits of my social security number, or my birth date to confirm my identity.

I was just making a quick change, so I didn't read the instructions on the form written in font size xx-small.

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did you hack my cf?