Do Not Reply

web Have you ever sent email using a or from email address? I have done this many times myself, but then the other day I realized that this practice makes no sense, at least for businesses.

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Zookoda For Sale

coldfusion web Zookoda, a RSS to Email service company has announced that they are going to auction off their service (domain name, source code, etc.).

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Amazon Recomendations Email

misc I got an email from today that said:

We've noticed that customers who have purchased Apple iWork '05 (Mac) are also interested in FileMaker Pro 8 Win/Mac. For this reason, you might like to know that FileMaker Pro 8 Win/Mac is now available for ordering.

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Analyzing Words in Spam Emails

misc We recently did some analysis on our bayesian spam filter corpus (spam assassin token database), and came up with a list of words with a high spam/ham ratio.

By using the spam/ham ratio, and not the spam count, we came up with a better list of words to avoid.

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MarketingSherpa doesn't get RSS

misc I posted a follow up to an article that appeared in MarketingSherpa called: RSS in Reality: Not a Replacement for Email - Metrics & Best Practices on our our company blog. MarketingSherpa often has some interesting articles, though I'm told this is not the first time they have been way off base.

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Spammers now using ASCII Art

misc I just got some spam emails within the last few days that contained ASCII Art messages. This is clever, and they did make it past spam assasin. The last one I got received a spam assasin score of 3.0, a 5.0 is required to classify a message as spam on our server.

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Phishing - Over 90% at risk

web A study conducted MailFrontier shows that 92% of the 12,000 people surveyed got at least one question wrong in the 10 question email phishing survey. The study was conducted in the UK.

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ReturnPath aquires BondedSender

web ReturnPath has announced that they are aquiring BondedSender from IronPort Systems.

BondedSender is a dns whitelist that companies must pay a bond ($$), and go through a TRUSTe privacy certification in order to get listed on.

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How HTML Validity Affects E-Mail Deliverability

web ClickZ has a good article on how HTML Validity affects e-mail deliverability.

The article points out that AOL is checking for valid HTML in email messages, and will reject mail with a 554 HVU:FO error response.


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Another Trick for Avoiding Email Harvesters

web Most people know that spammers have robots that surf the net looking for email addresses, such programs are called email harvesters.

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Signing and Encypting Email

web Many people don't realize that you can get a free certificate for digitally signing and encrypting email. Thawte is one company that offers a free email certificate service. Once you have the cert its fairly simple to sign or encrypt email.

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did you hack my cf?