Battling Comment Spam

coldfusion web Fighting comment spam seams like a never ending battle. I've done a lot over the last few years to try and squash it on my blog.

I started out by implementing a list of words that would trigger the comment to be blocked.

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Gravatar's not showing up?

coldfusion I had been wondering why my Gravatar images haven't been showing up for a while in the comments on my blog.

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How to Comment Code Better

misc Ryan Campbell has posted some good tips on practical approaches to writing better comments.

His article should help you find the median between over commenting, and not commenting enough.

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Auto-Linking Comments

coldfusion To avoid comment spam, my blog comments are displayed as plain text. However urls to other entries on my blog are often posted to in the comments. So I wrote a simple regular expression to create hyperlinks out of them:



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Last 100 Comments

web Following Bruce Schneier's lead I created a page listing the 100 most recent comments on my blog.

I may also add an RSS feed for recent comments, would anyone find that handy?

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did you hack my cf?