Tip for Viewing Images in Eclipse

misc Here's a quick tip for those using Eclipse / CFEclipse, and would like to view images in your project from within eclipse.

Go to Window » Preferences in the Eclipse menu. Then expand General » Editors and click on File Associations.

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Looking for ways to improve CFEclipse?

coldfusion misc If anyone is looking for some new features to implement in CFEclipse, I would suggest checking out TextMate. The editor is pretty popular among developers on the Mac, and Ruby on Rails folks.

If you don't have a mac you can checkout some of the screencasts for TextMate.

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RDS Plugin for Eclipse?

coldfusion Tim Buntel posted a message to the CFEClipse users mailing list with the subject, Does that mean you're working on RDS support?

Generally, we've found that folks who want "RDS support" are really looking for 2 things; remote server file system access and database connectivity (e.g.

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Howto keep Eclipse Plugins between upgrades

coldfusion java misc The Javalobby has a great article called Eclipse: Managing Multiple Eclipse Installations that shows you how you can keep one plugins directory and have it work for multiple eclipse installs.

Since I do a lot of Java 1.5 development, I have to use Eclipse 3.

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Fonts for Programmers

misc Courier New is the standard monospace fixed width font used by programmers. If your looking to try something new, I just found a list of fonts for programmers. Right now I'm trying out Bitstream Vera Sans Mono.

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Eclipse Spell Checker Plugin

coldfusion java I just tried out an eclipse plugin for spell checking. It works with the CFEclipse plugin, Java, JavaScript, JavaProperties, XML, HTML, JSP, and PHP.

While the dictionary could use some work, the plugin is pretty good.

Just download it and unzip to your eclipse directory.

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Some handy Eclipse Keyboard Shotrcuts

coldfusion misc I found some handy keyboard shortcuts for working with Eclipse (these are actually part of the general text editor component, so they work with pretty much any editor including the cfeclipse editor)

Alt+Up - Swap the current line with the line above it

Alt+Down - Swap the

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CFEclipse Call For Features

coldfusion The folks at the CFEclipse project have asked users to submit feature requests and vote for enhancements.

In order to find out what you lovely CFE users want, we are planning to

call a feature vote.

Our Issue Tracker (http://cfeclipse.tigris.

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