Adding Chrome Custom Search for CFDocs

coldfusion I read some complaints recently that the new Adobe documentation site is not friendly with a chrome custom search engine (because the URIs are different based on what the tag/function starts with).

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CFDocs site now Open Source

coldfusion You may be aware that I've run a site for quick access to the CFML documentation since 2004 called My goal for this site has always been to get to the documentation you need as fast as possible.

This entry was: back up and running

coldfusion Several people have emailed to tell me that was down. I have moved it to a different server, and it is now back up and running.

If it's still not working for you give the DNS some time to propagate.

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ColdFusion 7 Tags and Functions added to

coldfusion I have added support for new functions and tags in ColdFusion MX 7.0 to the site, as well as multiple version support. So now if you want cfdocs.

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Bookmarklets and Search Plugins for

coldfusion java Many people have been posting bookmarklets for searching, and some have asked about a Mozilla/Firefox search plugin. So I though I would create a bookmarklets, and mozilla search plugins page.

This page has bookmarklets that work in IE, Mozilla, FireFox, and Safari.

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Bookmarklets for

coldfusion web Paul Newman created some bookmarklets for

ColdFusion Documentation (IE)

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New Service - - Fast access to CF docs

coldfusion I just launched a new service at - the site allows you to type in a ColdFusion function name or tag name directly in the url to goto the documentation, for example: will take you to the Macromedia Live documentation for cfchart. This is equivalent to the way php.

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did you hack my cf?