Getting ColdFusion SQL Statements from SQL Server Trace

coldfusion databases Running a SQL Trace in the SQL Server Profiler can be a great way to track down performance problems in your ColdFusion application.

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ColdFusion Administrator Defualt Settings

coldfusion I just helped someone setup their ColdFusion adminstrator settings, there are a few things you probably don't want to leave defaulted, here's a list of some of the things I changed.

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Poll Results: What Version of CF, New Poll What Edition

coldfusion I am retiring (note you can still vote for retired polls in the poll archive section) my poll What Version of CF do you use in production after 272 votes in two weeks.

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Robi Sen on Hung Servers, java.lang.OutOfMemory errors and Tuning CF JVM

coldfusion java Robi Sen a while back posted a blog entry with some useful tips on solving java.lang.OutOfMemory exceptions, and tuning the JVM for ColdFusion MX. He has recently posted a follow up to that entry.

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1.8GB Heap Limit in ColdFusion MX

coldfusion Macromedia's Recent Technote: Maximum JVM heap size greater than 1.8GB will prevent ColdFusion MX from starting points out the limitations of a the JVM on a 32 bit architecture.

Wondering where the number 1.8GB comes from? Moazam Raja's recent blog entry explains.

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ColdFusion Garbage

coldfusion Now that you have had a chance to read my outline of garbage collection tuning in java. You should be asking yourself how does this relate to my ColdFusion server. Or maybe you just wondered what Garbage Collection has to do with ColdFusion Servers.

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ColdFusion Memory Usage Stats

coldfusion java Here are some code to find out some info about the memory usage of CFMX or BlueDragon. The Java API provides three methods in the java.lang.Runtime class: freeMemory, totalMemory, and maxMemory.

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Have you tuned your JVM on ColdFusion MX yet?

coldfusion java ColdFusion's move to java gives developers and system administrators a wealth of performance tuning options.

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