Cache Template in Request Setting Explained

coldfusion One of the new features added to ColdFusion 9 is the Cache Template in Request setting located on the Server Settings > Caching page of the ColdFusion Administrator. The setting was recently featured in the ColdFusion 9 Performance Brief showing a 50x boost when enabled.

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8 Ways to Save Bandwidth on your RSS Feed

web One of the things you will notice after you have published an rss feed is that it will consume a lot of the bandwidth. For example on 18% of the requests are for RSS feeds. This is no wonder since feed readers may download your feed several times a day even if nothing has changed.

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databases Another performance option in MySQL is the DELAY_KEY_WRITE option. According to the MySQL documentation the option makes index updates faster because they are not flushed to disk until the table is closed.

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The MySQL Query Cache

databases I have been reading about MySQL's Query Caching features in the High Performance MySQL book, and on the web. I have also been playing around with it on my own. I have concluded that it is a pretty cool feature! You will need MySQL 4.0.1 or higher to play...

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did you hack my cf?