Tip for Resizing Your Browser Window

web Testing your web sites at lower resolution is always a good idea (no the rest of the world doesn't view web sites at 1680x1050 like web developers sometimes do). Here's a quick tip that will let you resize your browser window to a specific size.

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New del.icio.us FireFox Extension

web The folks at del.icio.us/ have been pretty busy kicking out new features. The latest was just announced on the del.icio.us discuss mailing list about a half hour ago - a firefox extension. The extension basically replaces various bookmarklets that you may have used. Get em while their hot.

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Bookmarklets and Search Plugins for javadocs.org

coldfusion java Many people have been posting bookmarklets for searching javadocs.org, and some have asked about a Mozilla/Firefox search plugin. So I though I would create a bookmarklets, and mozilla search plugins page.

This page has bookmarklets that work in IE, Mozilla, FireFox, and Safari.

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Bookmarklets for cfdocs.org

coldfusion web Paul Newman created some bookmarklets for cfdocs.org:

ColdFusion Documentation (IE)

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did you hack my cf?