Now with Gravatar

misc I just threw in support for Gravatar in my blog comments. If you go and sign up for a gravatar account, you can assign a picture to your email address, then when you post a comment on my blog or other blogs that support gravatar, your picture will show up next to it.

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Tim's Blosxonomy

web My friend Tim Fanelli has built his own blogging software called Blosxonomy. It's written in Ruby, and is based on the python blogging software pyBlosxom (same schema, so no import is necessary).

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Make your blog better with tags

web Of all the features that I've added to my homebrew blogging software tagging (or folksonomys) has been my favorite. Here's why:

Tag Clouds

I've designed the home page of my blog to make it easy for a first time visitor to know what my blog is about.

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Categories are Dead - Long live Tagging

misc Since implementing tags on my blog I have noticed that they are much more powerful than categories. Here's why:

You find related items by searching for mutual tags between items. That's how I show you related posts on my blog.

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Textamerica MoBlog Developer API

misc Textamerica has released their new developer api for mobloggers. They are also giving a $500 prize to the first 20 applications (with source code) which we deem to be the most useful to the Textamerica Community as a whole.

The first example app is a Textamerica4j by David Czarneck.

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Mike Nimer is blogging

coldfusion Mike Nimer, a Macromedia employee has started a blog. He was the main developer of the new CFFORM stuff in CFMX 7.

Mike also just released a log viewer plugin for eclipse, details on his blog.

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Blog Reader Survey

misc BlogAds recently conducted a blog reader survey of over 30,000 blog readers.

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Apple and Mac Blog Aggregator

apple I just launched a new online aggregator for Apple, Mac, OS X, and iPod news at Think Fullasagoog, or MXNA for Apple stuff, instead of Macromedia stuff!

It is currently pulling in 44 feeds with updates on the hour.

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did you hack my cf?