Google Video: MySQL Performance Tuning Best Practices

databases Jay Pipes is a co-author of the recently published Pro MySQL recently spoke at Google on MySQL Performance Tuning Best Practices

You can check out a video of the presentation on Google Video

There is also a good video from Google called The Paradox of Choice:

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Howto build a form that isn't annoying (Part 1)

web As a web user filling out a form tends to be a most dreaded activity. While forms will always be mundane to fill out, it is possible to create forms that don't drive the user crazy.

I'd like to challenge some common bad practices, and promote some best practices that are often ignored.

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Over Tweaking

coldfusion There was a thread recently on the CFGURU mailing list about the merits of the various tweaks that CFML developers use to gain a few extra milliseconds.

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did you hack my cf?